Acknowledging past champions

Honouring past nurse leaders who challenged the status quo, pioneered positive change and laid the foundations for nursing today. These champions have paved the way for all nurse leaders.

If all nurses are leaders…

"We’d have a very connected, engaged and powerful nursing workforce." - Simone

"Health care in Australia will be the best in the world." - Janine

2020 Roadshows

Join us to celebrate this historic occasion at the complimentary ACN 2020 Year of the Nurse & Midwife Celebration Roadshow. We encourage you to bring a friend or colleague. Members and non-members are welcome.


The Vivian Bullwinkel Project

ACN is fundraising to erect a statue of Lieutenant Colonel Vivian Bullwinkel AO, MBE, ARRC, ED, FNM, sole survivor of the 1942 Banka Island massacre, on the grounds of the Australian War Memorial.


Career coaching

ACN’s Career Coaching program provides an opportunity for experienced nurse leaders to give back to our profession and share knowledge and advice with undergraduate nursing students at the beginning of their nursing journeys.


Join the ACN tribe

Do you love what ACN is all about? Join the ACN tribe to stay informed, connected and inspired. As an ACN member you’ll receive free online CPD courses, access to an online nursing forum, opportunities to attend exclusive events and much more.


Collegian special edition: Nursing History

Understanding the evolution of the relationship of nurses and other professions to health is important to remembering the past and understanding the nature of health care today. With a view to facilitating such awareness, the Nursing and Health Care History special issue will provide a forum for showcasing research and dialogue around a range of aspects related to nursing and health care history.

Potential topics include nursing or midwifery history, Indigenous health care, health care heritage, archives and museums, biographical papers, historical methods in nursing history inquiry and any other related issue.

Deadline for submissions is 1 March 2020.


Spread the word

Download our media kit full of resources to help you promote and celebrate 2020 Year of the Nurse & Midwife.


Give a nurse a shout-out

To publicly recognise the special nurses and midwives in your life, we are creating a virtual inspiration wall in 2020. Give a shout-out to someone who inspired you to become a nurse and/or someone who continues to inspire your nursing journey.


Want to do more?

ACN is excited to provide a wide range of opportunities that you can engage with throughout 2020.

Make 2020 the year you connect with your profession and progress your career.

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