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Assessment of growth and development

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The purpose of this unit of study is to build on and consolidate knowledge achieved in the pre-requisite unit of study Applied neonatal physiology (071). Students are challenged to consider issues specifically related to assessment, growth and normal development of the neonate. This unit of study is composed of three themes: neonatal assessment, family centred developmental care and finally, neonatal nutrition.

Assessment of growth and development

Unit of study code



Graduate Certificate in Neonatal Care

PG unit of study




071 – Appiled Neonatal Physiology

Fee*Tier 2

Recommended texts
There are no prescribed textbooks for this subject. However, the following is recommended as useful resources on the topic. You may like to access it via your workplaces, The Katie Zepps Nursing Library or by purchasing a copy of your own.
Lomax, A 2015, Examination of the newborn: An evidence based guide, 2nd edn, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Chichester.

Co-ordinated by: Trish Lowe MACN



Intended learning outcomes for this subject/program


After completing this subject, the learner will be able to:-

Assessment Tasks

Type of assessment

Not the completed assessment item. E.g. Assessment 1. Online discussion 


(% of total marks)

When assessed – academic week

(e.g. Week 8)

Theme 1: Neonatal assessment


a) Discuss comprehensive neonatal assessment in relation to practice

Assessment 1 Online discussions x 2



Theme 2: Family centred developmental care

b) Analyse individualized developmentally supportive family centred care that supports neonatal growth and development

Assessment 2 Literature review (2000 words)



Theme 3: Neonatal nutrition

c) Examine trans-culturally appropriate care in providing education and support to families in the context of growth and development

Assessment 3 Guided case analysis (2500 words)




d) Examine nutritional and feeding strategies in the management of neonates including the relationship to developmental outcomes





e) Analyse evidence based knowledge in relation to neonatal assessment




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Tier 4$3,275

Units commencing in 2018

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