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Blood and marrow transplantation

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This unit of study relates to haemopoeitic stem cell transplantation (peripheral blood and bone marrow) and includes physiology of transplant immunology, patient and donor transplant work up, review of common transplant protocols, treatment and management strategies. The psychological impact of transplantation is threaded throughout the unit of study and both acute and long-term effects of treatment explored. Content aims to encourage skill development in the student’s own clinical practice, for example, assessing, identifying and pre-empting consequences of treatments, such as neutropaenia, sepsis and graft versus host disease. This unit of study is suitable for nurses working in adult and paediatric specialist haematology and blood and marrow transplant centres, and nurses caring for patients who have undergone haemopoeitic transplantation.

Blood and marrow transplantation

Unit of study code



Graduate Certificate in Cancer Nursing

PG unit of study





Fee*Tier 2

Prescribed texts: Nil

Co-ordinated by: Musette Healey MACN



Intended learning outcomes for this subject/program

After completing this subject, the learner will be able to:-

Assessment Tasks

Type of assessment

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Theme 1: Physiological concepts and principles of transplantation

a) Examine the physiological processes of haemopoiesis and the immune response in the context of haemopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT)

Assessment 1 Quiz (30 questions)



Theme 2: Preparation for blood and marrow transplantation

b) Evaluate the role of diagnostic investigations specific to HSCT in supporting best clinical practice

Assessment 2 Short answer essays (2000 words)



Theme 3: Specific issues related to haemopoietic stem cell transplantation

c) Analyse the transplantation process and critically evaluate evidence based management strategies for optimum patient outcomes

Assessment 3 Literature review (2500 words)



Theme 4: Clinical issues post-transplant

d) Discuss the range of psychosocial effects of transplantation/treatment on patients, donors and families and evaluate supportive strategies available





e) Reflect on their own values and beliefs and demonstrate an awareness and sensitivity towards indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) beliefs and practices




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Tier 3$2,800
Tier 4$3,375

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