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Breast Care Nurse Practicum

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This program is designed for registered nurses who are currently caring for patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Westmead Breast Cancer Institute in collaboration with the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) developed this program to support rural and remote nurses to gain a better understanding of the clinical diagnosis and management of patients with breast cancer, within a multidisciplinary setting. This program offers students the opportunity to access blended learning through a 5 day face to face program in a speciality unit, with learning supported by access to online resources. During the program students can expect to gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to provide holistic care to the patient experiencing breast cancer specifically in the areas of:

  • Screening and diagnosing breast cancer
  • The psychological impact of breast cancer
  • Breast cancer treatments and managing their effects
  • The role of the breast care nurse in coordination of care for breast cancer patients
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • The genetics and pathology of breast cancer

To enrich learning and enable access to clinical areas, numbers for each intake are limited. All successful applications will be placed on a waitlist for the next available date. Students will have successfully completed the ACN course Breast Cancers (112) (or equivalent); or can demonstrate sufficient clinical experience in breast care nursing.


Westmead Breast Cancer Institute, Westmead NSW


5-9 March 2018
28 May – 3 June 2018
17-21 Sept 2018

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This program is supported by
The McGrath Foundation.