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Dementia, depression or delirium: differentiating features

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Currently in Australia we are facing the ramifications of an ageing population. In every sector of society, including health, we will encounter older people more so than ever before. It is, therefore, becoming imperative for clinicians to be equipped with the tools to recognise the symptoms of:

  • dementia
  • delirium
  • depression.

The 3 D’s, as they are fondly referred to, are common issues in the older population. Each of the 3 D’s has its own prognosis, symptom management and progression; however, confusing these can lead to undesirable consequences for the people we are caring for.

Unfortunately, the presentation of the 3 D’s is often very similar and difficult to distinguish from each other. This webcast aims to explore the differential features of delirium, dementia and depression and will utilise case studies to give applied clinical clarity to each one.

This webcast is available for registered participants for 3 weeks.

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