Principles of Acute Care Nursing
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The purpose of this unit of study is to enable you to advance your knowledge, specialist skills and core competencies required to care for patients in acute care setting. You will have the opportunity to build on your existing knowledge and experience and this subject will also encourage you to critically evaluate your own practice. Concepts explored in this unit of study will focus on factors used for the assessment and management of the deteriorating patient.

Principles of Acute Care Nursing
Unit of study code 038
Availability Graduate Certificate in Acute Care Nursing

GC single unit of study

Co-requisite 277 – Stress Response and Health Breakdown
Credit points 6
Hours of study 150
Fee* Tier 1
Recommended texts Nil
Co-ordinated by Sinu Thomas


Intended learning outcomes for this subject/program


After completing this subject, the learner will be able to:-

Assessment Tasks
Type of assessment

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(% of total marks)

When assessed – academic week

(e.g. Week 8)

Theme 1: The deteriorating patient a) demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of the nurse within acute care setting, and benchmark against appropriate professional standards Workload and prescribed text Assessment 1: Online discussions x2 10% 4, 10
Theme 2: Respiratory consideration in acutely ill b) analyse complex clinical problems using critical thinking/clinical reasoning skills, multiple modes of inquiry and a collaborative approach Assessment 2: Case analysis 40% 6
Theme 3: Recognising and managing circulatory function c) develop advanced communication skills in order to establish therapeutic
relationships with patients, families and the multidisciplinary team to promote a
holistic approach to nursing care
Assessment 3: Essay 50% 9
Theme 4: Clinical issues in neurological nursing d) critically analyse current literature related to nursing practice to support evidence based contemporary care of patients in acute care setting
Theme 5: Gastrointestinal and metabolic consideration in acutely ill e) develop leadership, mentoring and educational skills to contribute to high
standard in nursing care and facilitate quality improvement in the acute care
Theme 6: Renal considerations f) critically reflect on the cultural and ethical issues affecting patients/clients, and
families in order to advocate for safe, holistic and person-centred care.

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