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Emerging Nurse Leaders

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Emily Murray (2015)

Emily was driven to study nursing by a desire to give back to the community, through a profession that is highly skilled, scientific, and personal. After completing her Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Tasmania, in 2016 Emily has commenced a graduate position at the Paediatric Unit of the Royal Hobart Hospital. Emily values integrity, tenacity and bravery, and aims to be a strong advocate for her patients.

Katrina Horne (2015)

Katrina’s passion includes empowerment and advocacy which is inclusive of those in her care, her peers and local community. Through ongoing development of her leadership skills she is able to extend this to include nursing colleagues and wider health care profession.

Presently completing her final year of the Bachelor of Nursing at Southern Cross University (NSW), Katrina is concurrently engaged in research to support the health and success of lower socio-economic students. The strategic nomination of practicums is enhancing her understanding of the experiences of individuals and communities (also health workers) facing disadvantage including rural and lower socio-economic areas, Aboriginal health, substance use and mental health.

Jenyfer Joy (2015)

Jenyfer's interest in the health profession began after witnessing the compassionate care nurses provided to critically ill patients in Australia and internationally. Jenyfer's passion for health education and the incredible opportunity to be a significant part of the patient's journey to recovery, inspired her to pursue the nursing profession. Over the last several years, Jenyfer has cared for patients requiring rehabilitation post brain and spinal injury. Witnessing the amazing progress patients make from being paralysed to being able to be independent, has deepened her passion for learning about the human body and enhancing healthcare practice. Currently, Jenyfer is working as a registered nurse at Westmead hospital and is undertaking her Master's degree.

When not working, Jenyfer pursues her passion for health education by providing mentoring and tuition to Indigenous Australian nursing students. In 2015, Jenyfer spent over four weeks as a health education volunteer in rural Cambodian schools and communities where she shared her knowledge on basic life support and general first aid. Through practicing the principals of cultural sensitivity and leadership, Jenyfer was able to collaborate with Cambodian non-governmental organisations and communities to empower community members to incorporate the principles of basic life support with traditional practices.

Jenyfer strongly believes that nurses are significant change agents in the healthcare system and have the power to build healthier communities through greater involvement in health education, cultural sensitivity and participation in leadership roles.

Paul Kaczykowski (2015)

Following a decade of travel that included working as a trapeze artist with a circus in the US and as a tour guide in Europe, Paul returned home to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and commenced his tertiary studies with an aspiration to ultimately help others through a vocation in nursing.

In addition to being awarded as an ACN Emerging Nurse Leader, Paul was the recipient of a number of prestigious awards during his university program. As the student with highest GPA in a three-year nursing program, he was awarded the Joy Croker Silver Medal by the Centaur Memorial Fund for Nurses. Paul was also one of two recipients of the 2015 Chancellors Medal, the University of the Sunshine Coast’s top student award.

Since finding success at university, Paul has commenced a position as a Graduate Registered Nurse at Nambour General Hospital in Queensland. Building on skills and a dedication towards his university studies, Paul is now embracing the many challenges presented daily whilst working in a busy surgical inpatient ward.

Paul has a desire to transition from ward-based nursing to emergency nursing in the coming years. Whilst doing so, he will continue to contest the deeply rooted practice of task-orientated nursing by mindfully providing holistic person-centred care devoted to patient advocacy, trust and mutual respect.

Serena Ricciardone (2015)

A intrinsic desire to lead and influence Serena held a number of student representation positions including President of the Notre Dame Nursing Society, WA ASSANA representative and WASHN committee member. As a commitment to developing leadership capabilities Serena attended the ACN Leadership First course and is proactive in mentoring student nurses and other graduate nurses within the workplace.

Serena is currently completing her Graduate year at Princess Margaret Hospital with is a mix of medical and surgical rotations. Following the program completion in August she will be staying on her current long-term surgical ward and will commence postgraduate studies in Paediatric Nursing with ACN.

Sonya Wallace (2014)

Sonya founded the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) Nursing and Midwifery Student Group and is now Acting Chair, USC Nursing and Midwifery Alumni Network. She completed a Bachelor of Nursing Science (Honours) degree, researching registered nurses' management of peripheral intravenous catheters. Sonya was awarded a University Medal and begins her career in 2016 in intensive care nursing. She plans on completing postgraduate studies to contribute to improvements in critical patient care, and nursing generally through research and education.

Evan Casella (2014)

Since embarking on the ‘nursing path’, Evan has worked monastically towards becoming a nurse of great capacity. This conviction came about whilst travelling, wherein he witnessed many things that precipitated into a strong desire to make positive changes for humanity. Evan strongly believes that nursing is a profession dedicated to delivering holistic care, not just to individuals but also to whole populations. Accordingly, Evan is now specialising in emergency nursing with a focus on disaster relief, aiming to apply his skills both locally and internationally.