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Emerging Nurse Leader Program

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The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) Emerging Nurse Leader (ENL) Program supports the recognition and development of leadership skills in early career nurses, empowering individuals with the opportunity to be the very best they can be and lead others with the same passion.
ACN recognises the potential of our future generation of nurses and strives to cultivate future nurse leaders by supporting potential nurse leaders through a program of personal and professional growth. 
The ENL program is designed to help develop and engage future nurse leaders through vibrant, timely and progressive support from nursing’s preeminent professional organisation. Each successful participant will enter into a rewarding leadership journey where, with ACN support, they will grow in confidence and establish a strong career foundation and leadership direction.
So if you are looking for an opportunity to engage with other likeminded emerging nurse leaders, if you have a desire to not only be the best nurse you can be but also to be part of Australia’s nursing future through innovative change and positive leadership, then this program is for you!
Watch this space...
Please check this page for an announcement about when applications open for 2017 intake:
For more information about the ENL program please contact:
Freecall 1800 061 660 (charges may apply)
email: engagement@acn.edu.au

Our 2014 and 2015 ENLs

ACN currently has 9 ENLs in the program. This cohort of new generation students and nurses all demonstrate a range of personal and professional characteristics aligned with the ENL program selection criteria:

  • leadership amongst their peers;
  • commitment to the nursing profession;
  • creativity and innovation;
    involvement in student and community activities;
  • and courage and confidence.


Evan Casella

Sonya Wallace

Meg Bransgrove

Theresa Snijders


Jenyfer Joy

Paul Kaczykowski

Serena Ricciardone

Emily Murray

Katrina Horne


Congratulations to our past ENL Graduates


Patricia Fox

Sherrie Lee

Elyse Taylor

Laurie Bickhoff

Catherine Ryan



Carol Mudford

Natalie Sharp

Renee Callender

Paula Lambert