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All CPD courses, CPD: Face to Face

About the CPD Face to Face Course

This face to face course is conducted over one day and is equivalent to 7 continuing professional development (CPD) hours.* 

*Please note that this program is subject to change.

Unit of Study, All CPD courses

This unit of study explores the impetus for change in conventional health service delivery and the issues related to providing health services for people with chronic disease. Nurses manage patients with chronic and complex issues and, in doing so, need to develop their knowledge and skills in...

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Unit of Study, All CPD courses

This unit of study is designed to allow students to explore, consolidate and apply clinical knowledge of acute and chronic disorders that affect older people. Common disorders are grouped into a ‘syndromes’ approach referred to as the five ‘I’s: instability, immobility, incontinence,...

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Unit of Study, All CPD courses

The unit of study is designed to advance existing communication skills and provide the student with the opportunity to develop additional strategies to improve their interpersonal skills when caring for patients facing various health challenges, such as life-limiting illnesses and life-...

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