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All CPD courses

A web-based learning resource containing continuing professional development and information resources related to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) for midwives and other health professionals. This is a joint Australian College of Nursing (ACN) & Australian College of Midwives (ACM) project...

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Unit of Study, All CPD courses

This unit of study is designed to form the basis for a sound understanding of financial management in health care. Funding arrangements in the Australian health care system, including economic principles and decision-making, and the implications of scarce resources, are outlined. Financial...

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All CPD courses, CPD: Online Course, Members CPD Offer

Welcome to the ‘Foundational Concepts in Nursing Leadership’ continuing professional development (CPD) module from the Australian College of Nursing! 

We are excited to present to you a free sample of our one-hour online CPD module, Foundational Concepts of Nursing Leadership


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Unit of Study, All CPD courses

This unit of study explores the position and role of women from sociological, psychological and political perspectives. By reviewing the issues concerning the position of women, feminism (including the historical and current views) and the discourses surrounding women’s health, the student will...

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