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Unit of Study, All CPD courses

This unit of study is designed to facilitate the development of the nurses’ understanding of the medical imaging environment. Content covered within this unit of study includes imaging modalities, nursing responsibilities includes pre-procedure, during and post-procedure, safety, medications and...

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Unit of Study, All CPD courses

This unit of study examines the historical, social, economic and cultural influences on men’s health. Themes explored include the epidemiology of men’s health and the historical events and cultural contexts that have shaped men and their roles in contemporary society. Students analyse popular...

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CPD: Recorded Webcast/Webinar

Changing behaviours that impact negatively on health is difficult for both client and health professionals alike. Behaviours such as smoking, overeating, drinking, or lack of exercise, result in preventable risk factors that can cause illness and death. Chronic illness poses a significant burden...

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