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Enrolled Nurses

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Unit of Study, All CPD courses

This unit of study is designed to enhance the knowledge of nurses who care for infants, children and adolescents experiencing pain. The themes include pain physiology, types of pain including; acute, chronic, cancer, and procedural pain, and developmentally appropriate pain assessment. Pain...

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All CPD courses, CPD: Online Course

This course is designed for ENs working in all clinical areas across a variety of health care facilities. It equips ENs with the knowledge underpinning the skills needed in order to render first-line emergency care of acutely ill patients in the clinical setting. This course aims to integrate...

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Unit of Study, All CPD courses

This unit of study aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the importance of infection prevention and control within the workplace. Students examine the issues related to legislation, quality, prevention, transmission and management of infections. Students will explore some of the specific...

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