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Introduction to clinical mentoring, preceptorship & coaching

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Welcome to the ‘Introduction to clinical mentoring, preceptorship and coaching’ continuing professional development (CPD) module from the Australian College of Nursing.

You can complete the module in one sitting, or you can exit and come back later and your place will be saved.

You will receive 1 CPD hour for successfully completing this module. 

The module starts with a pre-quiz to find out how much you already know about the topic. It then includes learning content and activities throughout the module and a post-quiz at the end.

You must achieve 80% or higher in the post-quiz to receive your CPD hour. You must also complete the pre-quiz and learning activities, but your grades for these will not be counted.

Why study this module?

Mentoring, preceptorship and coaching are three important types of teaching relationships that are especially relevant in clinical settings. 

The purpose of this module is to give an insight into these relationships and discuss how they can be applied in practice. The topic of feedback will also be discussed, as this is an essential skill to all teaching relationships. In particular, this topic will focus on how to give negative or critical feedback.

On successful completion of this CPD module, you should be able to:

  • differentiate between mentorship, preceptorship and coaching
  • identify the attributes and skills required to be an effective mentor, preceptor or coach
  • recognise the stages of the coaching process
  • analyse methods of feedback and apply them to clinical teaching scenarios.
Course datesOn enrolment at your own pace
Mode of deliveryOnline
Course duration1 CPD hour

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