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Leadership FIRST

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This highly interactive two day short course for early and mid-career nurses enables participants to build their confidence as leaders and further develop their leadership skills. Participants will have the opportunity to develop a leadership portfolio, which will form the basis of their professional development in the future.

Expand your leadership capacity

This two day short course forms a foundation for future programs to be offered in 2016 in the Leadership FIRST Series. Participants will learn the strategies and tactics that will enable them to develop, inspire and lead effectively. This highly interactive two day short course enables participants to build their confidence as leaders and further develop their leadership skills. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to develop a leadership portfolio, which will form the basis of their professional development in the future.

Facilitator – Ilze Jaunberzins macn
Ilze is a registered nurse with a wide knowledge in the application of the six core intelligences within both personal and professional contexts. Ilze’s experience within the public health system includes clinical practice, education, quality and management. Her core driving passion is self-development and supporting individuals to achieve their potential to become powerful fields of positive influence. Ilze is a highly engaging facilitator who will deliver a dynamic, interactive and participative program.

Typical participants
Early and mid-career nurses


  • Insight into your leadership style
  • Strategies for leadership development
  • Team development and leadership strategies


  • Develop insight into your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Development of strategies for working effectively as part of a team as well as leading one.
  • Develop how to have courageous conversations and effectively manage bullies.
  • Develop an action plan for applying your new skills and knowledge.

Dates and locations

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Feedback from participants who attended Leadership FIRST in 2015 

“This is one of the most outstanding leadership courses I have ever attended!” 

“The course content was considerable and was put to great practical use.” 

“I have learnt so much that will be applicable to daily nursing.” 

“I am so privileged to have attended this workshop. I truly believe you have contributed to improving my life and career at work and personally at home.” 

“Well presented, interesting and informative with useful real life application.” 

Short course learning outcomes 

This unique program harnesses the sciences of leadership and management theory; neuroscience; emotional and social intelligence; spiral dynamics; epigenetics and neuroleadership concepts for you to have immediate positive impact on your team.

Designed for the new leader and also current leaders who want to harness neuroscience to become even more effective, this course will invite you to be accountable to yourself and your organisation. Preliminary reading and completing three reflection activities need to be completed prior to attending this course. 

Harness science: become confident and effective

  • Gain clarity in the difference between leadership and management.
  • Build a platform of confidence in executing your leadership role.
  • Utilise neuroscience and neuroleadership to leverage your performance.
  • Implement strategies that build functional teams.
  • Explore the five measures of team success.
  • Quickly address bullying and inappropriate behaviours.
  • Promote inter-collaboration through applying emotional, social and political intelligences.
  • Gain insight into what ignites human motivation.
  • Strengthen personal buoyancy and resilience – explore 10 strategies to keep you sane, well and healthy

In essence... take command and create significance! 

Program developed and facilitated by Ilze Jaunberzins MACN – Principal PowerMind Leadership

With 30 years’ experience in the public health sector as a teacher, nurse clinician, manager, quality consultant and educator Ilze has developed expertise in team building, cultural transformation, strategic planning, quality systems, contemporary education strategies and curriculum design.

Harnessing information from neuroscience, NeuroLeadership, quantum physics, spiral dynamics & epigenetics, Ilze has designed and facilitates the transformational Conscious Evolutionary Leadership Development Coaching System. The coaching system incorporates 25 NeuroPlus© principles. Experiential learning in the short course is practical, sustainable and transferable to any life situation.



Day one 8.30am – 4.30pm

Start of day one

Day one welcome and introduction:

  • alignment of this program with the Australian Health Leadership Framework 
  • difference in leadership and management and how both are essential when fulfilling leadership/management roles  
  • sharing of leadership checklist outcomes and three learning objectives with learning buddy.

Location and functioning of the seven human brains and their relevance in leadership functioning:

  • brain stem
  • emotional brain - emotional and social competence ( the brain of bullying and dysfunctional behaviours)
  • right brain - vision and creativity
  • left brain -  literacy; numeracy, planning and analysis
  • prefrontal cortex - conscious choice
  • gut brain - intuition and gut feelings
  • heart brain - linked with emotional regulation (see Heartmath Institute).

Connection of the concepts of intelligence:

  • including spiritual intelligence (as defined neuro physiologically by Danah Zohar & Ian Marshall) 
  • SQ Zohar and Marshall - hard wired is need to express life purpose; values and to belong.

Autonomic Nervous System:

  • parasympathetic and sympathetic states within self, staff and patients at any moment.

Linking the Autonomic Nervous System:    

  • with life purpose 
  • values 
  • belonging 
  • SCARF model.

Mirror neurons:

  • you are inspirational all the time! 
  • people will mirror your attitude and presentation.


Morning tea

Right brain intelligence:

  • vision - how your units vision aligned to your organisation
  • drawing on the right side of the brain.

Spiritual intelligence:

  • the power of values
  • identification of personal values
  • exercise and alignment with organisational values.

Values and the causes of conflict:

  • three responses to conflict.

Values create boundaries - Round 1:

  • courageous conversation practice using CC script.


Emotional brain and intelligence - Part 1, Competencies 1 and 2:

  • aware of emotional state and  regulation of  sympathetic states and rising amygdala saturation.

Emotional intelligence - Competencies 3 & 4: 

  • aware of emotional states of staff and intervenes appropriately.

Emotional intelligence and social intelligence:

  • aware of mirror neurons
  • impact of own posture, attitude and language has on staff.

Afternoon tea

Buoyancy strategies - Part 1:

  • strategies to keep you well; resilient and optimistic

Reflection of day one using progressive reflection sheet

End of day one

Day two 8.30am – 4.30pm

Start of day two
Reflection of key outcomes of day one with peer.

Mapping your team culture:

  • bell curve model
  • analyse whether you are using the right strategy to support positive culture and eliminate negativity.

Courageous conversation practice - Part 2:

  • same scenario to day one and same partner.
Morning tea

Leadership and team development:

  • self assessment using a checklist that incorporates all the learning from day one.
Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model and your team culture.
Buoyancy strategies - Part 1
Political intelligence and team cultures
Five strategies to manage bullies effectively and grow effective teams

How to consolidate your learning from the course:

  • invitation to participate in a six week reflection process with your learning buddy. Process includes daily three minute reflection and weekly ten minute sharing with learning buddy
  • booklets will be distributed and time allocated for buddies to arrange weekly times to connect; phone or face-to-face
  • process of support to participants post-course will be confidential access to Ilze.
Afternoon tea

Whole course evaluation and mapping against personal objectives:

  • identification of three commitments to action professionally and three actions to improve personal buoyancy
  • sharing with learning buddy.
Plenary feedback on the key learning outcomes of the course
Close of ACN Leadership FIRST short course

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“Often a potential leader is identified through their display of clinical expertise. Once in the formal role, they need to exhibit a different competency set to that of the clinician. Success is not luck – its strategy.”
– Ilze Jaunberzins, MACN