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About the program

If you are an ambitious go-getter looking for an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone to advance your career and become the best nurse leader you can be then look no further! The ENL program will help you develop your leadership skills and confidence through unparalleled access to high profile nurse leaders, mentoring, career coaching and professional development opportunities. The program is self-paced and self-driven, meaning you will get as much out of the program as you put in. Participants will be required to independently complete a range of activities in order to accrue the points required to complete the program.

ENL program objectives

  • Identify and have a greater awareness and understanding of their own leadership qualities, through self-assessment and ACN professional feedback
  • See an improvement in their own leadership confidence and effectiveness
  • Have developed a social, ethical and professional understanding of contemporary health care environments to provide nurse leadership within the health care context
  • Have a growing understanding of the socio-political environment of nursing
  • Have a better understanding of change mechanisms within the profession of nursing and health sector
  • Be better equipped to understand the development of nursing policy, research and education and its influence on the profession and broader health environment

Fast-track your nursing career

Some of our exceptional Emerging Nurse Leaders have shared how ACN has helped them fast-track their nursing careers. Check out the video to discover how ACN membership and the Emerging Nurse Leader Program can support you as you embark on your nursing journey.

Interested in becoming an ENL?

Applications for the 2021 ENL program intake have now closed. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application in early September 2020. Successful participants will commence the program on 1 October 2020 and complete the program on 30 June 2021. An ENL Graduation Ceremony will be held at the ACN National Nursing Forum in August 2021 to celebrate participants’ successful completion of the program.

We encourage you to register your interest for the 2022 ENL program to find out as soon as applications have opened.

ENL program benefits

ENL benefit -mentoring icon

ENL mentoring program

ENL benefit - events icon

Invitations to exclusive ACN events

ENL benefit - networking icon

Networking with high profile nurse leaders

ENL benefit - NNF icon

Full registration for the ACN National Nursing Forum

ENL benefit - profile icon

Opportunity to build a profile within the profession

ENL benefit - leadership workshops icon

ACN Leadership workshops

ENL benefit - career coaching icon

Career coaching

ENL benefit - webinars icon

Professional development webinars

Program overview and eligibility

The program is divided into five stages reflecting the challenges and opportunities nurses face as they progress through their leadership journeys. Each stage extends over a period of nine months and participants are welcome to enter at the program stage that corresponds to their career level.

To be eligible to apply for the 2021 program intake applicants must be current ACN members and meet the following criteria in January 2021:

Stage 1

ENL empowered to learn
Empowered to LEARN

Students completing a Diploma of Nursing, Bachelor of Nursing (final year), Nursing Masters or Nursing Honours year

Stage 2

ENL empowered to grow
Empowered to GROW

Enrolled nurses or registered nurses in their first year of practice

Stage 3

ENL empowered to reach
Empowered to REACH

Enrolled nurses or registered nurses in their second or third year of practice

Stage 4

ENL empowered to achieve
Empowered to ACHIEVE

Enrolled nurses or registered nurses in their fourth or fifth year of practice

Stage 5

ENL empowered to lead
Empowered to LEAD

Enrolled nurses or registered nurses in their sixth year of practice

Meet our current ENLs and Graduates

View our 2020 cohort and connect with them on neo.

You can find out about the ENL journey of our remarkable 2019 Graduates through their reflections in the ENL Program Graduate eBook.

Meet our 2020 ENLs


For further information contact ACN Leadership

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