Stepping into Leadership

The journey begins

This is the ideal program for new graduates up to and including nurses with three years’ experience. You will examine leadership theories and models, learn the importance of communication and team work, and expand your emotional intelligence and self-care practices to ensure you remain protected from stressors and chaos of the dynamic health care environment.

The Leadership Experience

Leading others by example

This program is designed for middle management and above, this includes CNs, NUMs, Educators and Senior Nurses in Leadership and Management Positions. It will challenge you to take a deep reflection into understanding more about yourself as well as others. The objectives of the program are to develop your Emotional Intelligence, enhance your communication, equip you with knowledge and skills to build and lead teams and teach you strategies to prevent burnout and increase your emotional resilience.

Executive Leadership

Leading change effectively

This program is created for higher level nurses which includes ADONs, DONS, and Executives. The program revisits emotional intelligence and develops your charisma, reviews decision making critical thinking and communication skills, and builds upon strategies to drive organisational change. This is an interactive and reflective program that will challenge you to become your best.