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Leadership @ACN Skills Development Program

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Often a potential nurse leader is identified through their display of clinical expertise. Once in the formal role, they need to exhibit a different competency set to that of the clinician. Success is not luck – it's strategy.”

Ilze Jaunberzins MACN
Leadership FIRST Workshop Facilitator

All nurses need competent leadership skills. Develop or hone yours with the Australian College of Nursing.

Are you a nurse or midwife currently in a leadership role or interested in obtaining one? Are you looking for a way to build your leadership skills? If so, it is essential that you attend one of ACN's leadership development workshops, events and courses.

Leadership @ACN is a leadership skills development program of courses, activities and events designed for nurses and midwives at all stages of their career.

ACN’s goal is to enhance health care and aged care for the community by advancing nurse leadership. As an advocate for the nursing profession, ACN wants to support and encourage nurses and midwives to develop their leadership skills and contribute to policy, practice and the delivery of health care.

That's why we developed the Leadership @ACN program. Each component of the program is designed to challenge and support the unique needs of nurses and midwives regardless of their level of experience. The Leadership @ACN program will support the experienced nurse or midwife who is already in a formal leadership role. It will also develop a newly qualified nurse or midwife who aspires to leadership.

The Leadership @ACN program is comprised of a series of workshops, seminars, events and courses designed to help develop the skills, confidence and ability needed to take a leadership role in midwifery, health care or aged care. This evidence-based, practical program is tailored specifically to be relevant and useful at all career stages.

Which component of Leadership @ACN is best for your career stage?

Leadership FIRST Workshop is for early-to-mid career nurses who want to develop their leadership skills.

  • If you are just beginning your nursing career, the Leadership FIRST workshop will help you develop, inspire and lead effectively by expanding your capability and building your confidence. It is a highly interactive two day short course that will give you insights into your leadership style and the realities of being a leader in a health care environment. Leadership FIRST forms the foundation for the future programs in the Leadership @ACN series. Completing this workshop will result in you developing a leadership portfolio, a set of fundamental strategies and an action plan to help you apply these strategies in your current role. 

Leadership First course dates

Here's what some of last year's participants had to say....

This is one of the most outstanding leadership courses I have ever attended!

The course content was considerable and was put to great practical use.

Well presented, interesting and informative with useful real life application.

I am so privileged to have attended this workshop. I truly believe you have contributed to improving my life and career at work and personally at home.

I have learnt so much that will be applicable to daily nursing.

View the workshop learning outcomes

ASTUTE Management Program is the next step for early and mid-career nurses in your leadership development.

  • Currently in development and commencing later this year, the ASTUTE Management program will identify and develop the skills you need to effectively manage a ward. It focusses on the practicalities of negotiating politics and managing resources, staff, budgets and outcomes. ASTUTE builds on the knowledge gained by completing the Leadership FIRST workshop.

Leadership MASTER Session was developed to support nurse executives and also those nurses who aspire to an executive level role.

  • In addition to learning adaptive leadership skills, participants in the Leadership MASTER one day session will learn how to influence policy outcomes, leverage technology in order to be a better leader and also have the opportunity to develop a professional peer-support network. The Leadership MASTER Session shares key learnings on adaptive leadership styles and will inspire you to think critically about health care leadership, find your 'strategic voice' and think differently about your working environment. Click here to view the workshop learning outcomes.

Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management is a qualification designed specifically for registered nurses and midwives aspiring to management positions.

  • The course aims to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to clinical leadership and management incorporating human resource management, financial management and quality processes.
  • This graduate certificate course is also suited to those who already hold management positions and would like to enhance their professional practice through formal study. 
  • Course intakes are twice per year in January and July, so click here to enrol.

Build your leadership skills and become a better nurse leader today

The information, learnings and outcomes you gain from a Leadership @ACN event or course will assist you to successfully lead and engage with the social processes and human factors that make up every day interactions with staff, patients, stakeholders and the community.

Download the Leadership brochure and register your interest to attend a Leadership @ACN event today.