ACN Endorses CoNNMO National Priorities
The Australian College of Nursing (ACN), a member of the Coalition of National Nursing & Midwifery Organisations (CoNNMO), endorses CoNNMO’s national priorities launched today.

“It is a great result to see 54 nursing and midwifery organisations collaborate to produce the national priorities,” Australian College of Nursing CEO, Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward said.

There are 12 national priorities, which include a strong emphasis on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, removal of legislative, regulatory and administrative barriers, and a focus on boosting digital literacy.

“ACN advocates for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce that can address specific health complexities affecting the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population,” Adjunct Professor Ward explained.

“Australia’s nurses are highly skilled professionals with extensive expertise but are not able to work to their full scope of practice due to regulatory barriers. ACN will continue to support CoNNMO in advocating for legislative, regulatory and administrative changes that will result in greater utilisation of nurses – our biggest health workforce,” Adjunct Professor Ward said.

“Digital health will play an increasingly important function in future health care delivery. ACN strongly supports measures to make sure our nursing workforce is well skilled to navigate the digital health care environment,” Adjunct Professor Ward concluded.

To see the complete list of CoNNMO’s national priorities, click here.


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