On International Nurses Day, Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN, the Australian College of Nursing’s CEO, would like to acknowledge the invaluable contribution nurses make to the development of strong health systems nationally and around the world.

“Nurses make a significant contribution to the global health care system and are a pivotal part of the health care work force, composing of the largest group of health professionals in Australia,” said Adjunct Professor Ward.

The Australian College of Nursing has hosted the National Nurses Breakfast in celebration of International Nurses Day (IND). Today approximately 240 breakfasts have been held across the country to celebrate the invaluable contribution nurses make to both the health care workforce and the provision of healthcare.

The nursing profession has a long history in adapting to meet the changing needs of communities to ensure access to high quality health care. In addition to the ever increasing burden of chronic disease and aging populations, emerging issues including pandemics, natural disasters, climate change, antimicrobial resistance, conflict and migration, nurses are well poised to adapt to these challenges.

“Nurses at all levels from the community and acute sectors, Government and policy sectors, can act as leaders and create transformational change of the health system. Strong leadership will be essential in defining the strategic reform of Australia’s health system. Driven by a patient centred care philosophy, the nursing profession continues to demonstrate leadership that has shaped the way health care is delivered today,” said Adjunct Professor Ward.