Choosing Wisely Good For Us All
The Australian College of Nursing is throwing its weight behind the Choosing Wisely campaign’s aim of improving health outcomes by reducing unnecessary test, treatments and procedures for patients in hospital.

“Nurses make up 50 per cent of the health workforce and have the most contact with patients at the point of care of any professional in the health system,” Australian College of Nursing CEO, Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward explained.

“This means nurses see the distress and even pain patients experience due to interventions which evidence suggests provide no benefit, or in some cases, lead to harm.”

The Australian College of Nursing took part in yesterday’s inaugural Choosing Wisely Australia National Meeting.

“We commend Choosing Wisely Australia for fostering a nation-wide conversation about what care is needed,” Adjunct Professor Ward said. “We encourage our members to speak with those in their care and ensure they are fully informed about all aspects of their treatment.

“With health care costs rising and any risk of harm being unacceptable, we cannot simply accept that something is right because we have always done it that way.

“Innovation is being pursued across the health system and Choosing Wisely is one aspect of that.

“Services implementing the Choosing Wisely Australia initiative yesterday shared stories of significant changes in practice and reductions in tests and treatments. We expect more will be reported in coming years as the Choosing Wisely Australia recommendations are more broadly implemented.”


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