Gayle Woodford: Nursing community mourns loss
The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) is tremendously saddened by news of the death of Remote Area Nurse, Gayle Woodford.

On behalf of our board, staff and members, the Australian College of Nursing would like to express its sincere condolences to Gayle’s family, friends and all those whose lives she touched and who she helped during her long career as a health professional.

“As a nurse, Gayle dedicated her life to caring for others. As a Remote Area Nurse (RAN), Gayle was providing access to quality healthcare for Australians living in the most isolated parts of this country,” said Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward, CEO of ACN.

“Gayle was an integral part of this nation’s efforts to ‘close the gap’ and ensure all Australians, no matter where they live, can access quality healthcare.

“That violence has reportedly taken Gayle from her family and community is tragic and deplorable.”

ACN is aware of the risks that nurses and their colleagues face on a daily basis working in rural and remote areas of Australia. ACN calls for all employers of rural and remote area nurses (RANs) and health practitioners to review policies encompassing single nurse posts and afterhours call outs.

“ACN will be lending its voice and efforts to calls from the healthcare community for measures to improve safety for those providing care in remote areas”, said Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward, CEO of ACN.