Take-up of My Health Record is key to ensuring the potential of this innovation is maximised, therefore patient’s must have confidence in the technology and the privacy of their data.

The nursing profession will have a major role in answering patient’s questions and ensuring they are informed regarding access to their health records.

“An electronic record of a patient’s medical history will allow health professionals across Australia to deliver better and safer care,” said Australian College of Nursing CEO Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN.

“My Health Record empowers patients to store, access and share their health information on the one platform with health professionals and providers, regardless of where they are in Australia.

“Due to the role that nurses have as the interface of the health system, patients will turn to them to discuss participation in the initiative.

“Our society is moving toward an increasingly digital world, and our health system must also evolve. However, an electronic health record system is only effective if people use it and feel confident to include the majority of their health information. This means the Commonwealth must respond to concerns and guarantee that people’s medical information will remain private and that they will have control over who accesses it and in what circumstances.

“Electronic health records will definitely improve clinical safety and ACN supports the introduction of My Health Record, but protecting patient privacy is also a key priority for nurses.”

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