The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) supports Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s call for a Royal Commission into aged care.

“The Royal Commission must be utilised as an opportunity to independently review the aged care sector to ensure the system, including its workforce, provides quality care to older Australians and young people living in aged care homes,” said Australian College of Nursing CEO Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN.

“Aged care in this country must be a priority. As a community, we cannot ignore the issues facing the sector and hope for the best until it is ourselves or a loved one who needs residential care.

“The launch of this Royal Commission should consider the recommendations made in the Tune Report, the Carnell Paterson Report, and Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce Report as it moves towards starting its investigation.

“ACN hopes the focus of the Royal Commission will be on improving quality and control of services, increasing informed consumer choice, and securing the future workforce.

“In 2016, the nursing profession made up 15 per cent of the aged care workforce. Therefore, we expect the views of nurses to be sought as the Royal Commission strives to find solutions to identified issues.”

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