The Australian College of Nursing interested in ACT Liberal Party health proposals
Today the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) was honoured to attend the address given by Jeremy Hanson MLA at the National Press Club of Australia, at his event Jeremy Hanson – 2017 and Beyond.

ACN’s CEO, Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN said, “This has been a fantastic opportunity for ACN representatives to meet Jeremy Hanson MLA and hear about election announcements which impact on the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) health system and the community which it serves. It is encouraging that Jeremy Hanson MLA has committed to engaging with ACT nurses on health policy development”.

ACN welcomes the opportunity to work with all parties to inform them of the benefits of contemporary models of care and service delivery including nurse led clinics.  ACN believes that nurse led clinics promote an accessible health care option and reduce pressure on Canberra’s already overloaded and overcrowded emergency departments.

There is no denying that it takes a multidisciplinary team of health professionals to achieve the best health outcomes for patients. Investment into nurse led clinics offers the Canberra community improved access to health services.

Adjunct Professor Ward said “ACN strongly believes that nurse led clinics present an opportunity to address the increasing demand for 24/7 health services and reduce waiting times in emergency departments. Nurses are well placed to address the growing burden of chronic disease in the community and the challenges of an ageing population”.

“As we approach the ACT election in October, it is imperative that ACN is responsive to proposed initiatives. We look forward to the announcement of ACT Labor positions on health issues,” she said.

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