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Medical imaging nursing

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This unit of study is designed to facilitate the development of the nurses’ understanding of the medical imaging environment. Content covered within this unit of study includes imaging modalities, nursing responsibilities includes pre-procedure, during and post-procedure, safety, medications and professional and legal responsibilities. The unit of study is designed to meet the needs of medical imaging nurses working within a variety of settings and caring for clients across the lifespan.

Developed in conjunction with


Medical Imaging Nursing

Unit of study code



Graduate Certificate in Acute Care Nursing

Graduate Certificate in Perioperative Nursing

PG Single Unit of Study




Must work in the medical imaging department


Tier 2

Prescribed texts: Nil

Co-ordinated by: Robyn Manning



Intended learning outcomes for this subject/program

After completing this subject, the learner will be able to:-

Assessment Tasks

Type of assessment

Not the completed assessment item. E.g. Assessment 1. Online discussion 


(% of total marks)

When assessed – academic week

(e.g. Week 8)

Theme 1: Introduction and professional practice

a) Explain the principles and procedures for common medical imaging modalities and interventional procedures    

Assessment 1 Online discussions  x 2



Theme 2: Medical imaging modalities

b) Describe and justify appropriate patient assessment and peri-procedural nursing care for patients undergoing medical imaging  

Assessment 2 Short answer essay (1500 words)



Theme 3: Patient assessment

c) Analyse the requirements of groups with special needs to improve patient outcomes

Assessment 3 Quiz (15 questions)



Theme 4: Peri-procedural care in medical imaging

d) Discuss the legal, ethical and cultural issues in relation to the nursing care of medical imaging patients and explain the implications to nursing practice

Assessment 4 Essay (2500 words)



Theme 5: Sedation

e) Describe appropriate workplace health and safety (WHS) and infection control principles relevant to medical imaging procedures




Theme 6: Contrast

f) Analyse your current practice against evidence-based guidelines and patient-centred care principles.





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