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Joining a Community of Interest (COI) will allow you to connect with like-minded members who share similar areas of practice and stay up-to-date with the latest news, research findings, best practice and major policy developments related to your professional interests.

You can sign up to join one or more COIs on neo.

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Adolescent & Young PeopleHistory
Advanced PracticeInternational Nursing
Chief Nursing Informatics Officers *Leadership
Climate & HealthLegal & Ethical Issues
Clinical Product AdvisorsMilitary Nursing
Cosmetic NursingNational Nursing Executive *
Disaster HealthNext Generation
Enrolled NursesNurse Informatics
First NationsNursing in the Community
Healthy AgeingRural Nursing & Midwifery
*Please note this is a closed team. Membership is by invitation only.

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Interested in a leadership position within your COI?

If you are interested in profiling yourself as a nurse leader and taking the lead to drive engagement in your Community of Interest, we encourage you to apply for a position.

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