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Perkbox is an exciting new way for us to reward our loyal Fellows and Members who have held their membership with the Australian College of Nursing for a minimum of two years*. The rewards platform offers exclusive access to deals and discounts for major brands, as well as an extensive library of wellbeing content ranging from workout videos through to meditation guides.

*Not applicable to Undergraduate Members.

Use Perkbox to save on your next grocery shopping and fuel, access hundreds of discounts on dining, takeaway and shopping deals from high street brands and local independent stores near you.

You can also browse through hundreds of videos on meditation, yoga, workouts, and sleep stories to recover after a long day and get ready for a new productive day.

Perkbox - Membership - Australian College of Nursing

Wellness calendar

For a sample of wellness content each month, please refer to the Wellness calendar below.

Frequently asked questions

Perkbox is a global benefits and rewards platform that gives eligible Members and Fellows of the Australian College of Nursing access to a wide range of deals and discounts to support their needs and lifestyles. The platform also comes with Wellness Hub, which provides a range of on-demand content to support their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Some of the most popular perks that ACN Members and Fellows have claimed include discounts from Apple, Samsung, Woolworths, Booktopia, Hotel Planner and Doordash.

Perkbox is exclusively available to General, Graduate members, Affiliate members and Fellows who have continuously held their membership with ACN for a minimum of two years. This benefit does not apply to Undergraduate Members.

Eligible members can claim as many perks as they like. Each offer comes with terms, conditions and instructions on redeeming a perk.

Wellness Hub provides you with content to support your mental and physical wellbeing. A wide range of categories is curated to meet your mood at any given moment in your week, empowering you to always feel your best.

Meditate to calm and focus your mind. Do HIIT workouts to maintain fitness, get your blood pumping and stay energised. Yoga and Pilates for flexibility, strength and mental clarity. Hypnosis audios help you change the way your brain is wired. Talking therapies guide you towards your goals. Sleep stories set you up for a blissful nights sleep. Webinars provide live conversations with wellbeing experts. Spiritune offers music designed to alter your mood.

For eligible members, to access this benefit from the member portal:

  1. Login to the member portal via using your ACN membership details
  2. Hover your mouse over ‘My benefit’ and click on ‘Perkbox.’
  3. Click on ‘Director Access to Perkbox’ to be directed to the platform
  4. Click on ‘Perks’ or ‘Wellness’ to browse through the offers

Alternatively, eligible members can also access this benefit from the main website:

  1. Go to
  2. Hover your mouse over ‘Membership’ and click on ‘Perkbox.’
  3. Click on ‘Access Perkbox via members portal.’
  4. Follow the step above from the beginning.

To ensure that you maximise offers from Perkbox, the platform will send notifications and reminders on free perks and new Wellness content. If you don’t want to receive these communications:

  1. Log in and access Perkbox using the steps above
  2. Click on your name on the top right corner of the Perkbox platform
  3. Select ‘My Account’
  4. Select ‘Contact Preferences’ and select your preferred communications

For further questions about this benefit, please contact

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