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Motivational interviewing: techniques and application

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Changing behaviours that impact negatively on health is difficult for both client and health professionals alike. Behaviours such as smoking, overeating, drinking, or lack of exercise, result in preventable risk factors that can cause illness and death. Chronic illness poses a significant burden on health care costs, not just in Australia but globally.

Motivational interviewing is a counselling style that allows clients to explore their ambivalence and move forward in their decision making towards change. This person-centred partnership recognises the autonomy and self-determination of individuals. Prochaska and DiClemente described a process or cycle of change that people go through as they change a behaviour. Using the motivational interviewing counselling style, allows the client to consider the pros and cons of change in the early stages of this cycle. When a decision for change is reached by the client, the interviewer, whilst still motivating, focusses more on goal setting and the development of a plan for action.

This webcast aims to help participants understand the motivational interview style and its use in motivating and assisting clients through the stages of change described by Prochaska and DiClemente.


Topics covered:

  • The motivational interview style and spirit
  • The stages of change
  • Using the motivational interview to motivate and explore ambivalence and move clients forward in the change process

This webcast is available for registered participants for 3 weeks.

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