Nursing Careers

The Australian Army Reserves has a requirement to employ post graduate (qualified) Nursing Officers in key specialisations, in particular Emergency, Peri-Operative and Intensive Care specialists. These Registered Specialist Nurses are an integral component of the Nursing Corps and you can expect to train and deploy alongside your Regular Army colleagues on exercises and operations fulfilling the same range of roles. This is an excellent opportunity for Registered Specialist Nurses passionate about their skills to give back to their country and work alongside expert health professionals from across Australia.

As a Reserve member, you are required to serve a minimum 20 days per annum and you will be based at a local health unit in your home location. When deployed or on exercise, you can expect to provide field medical support including immediate resuscitation and medium to high intensity nursing care. Additionally, Army has a certified surgical hospital which provides a comprehensible hospital capability and you may deploy with this capability during combat, peacekeeping or even humanitarian relief operations.

You will complete Module 1 (9 days) and Module 2 (16 days) of the Specialist Service Officer course at the Royal Military Duntroon, Canberra. These modules will provide fundamental knowledge of leadership, command and control, personnel administration, basic military skills and the ideas of officer behaviour and attitudes necessary to fulfil your Reserve role. On completion of military and initial employment training, you could earn a tax-free daily rate starting at $201.61 including a Reserve allowance.

Citizenship, security clearance, medical and fitness requirements will be conducted as part of the recruitment process.

If you seek to challenge your professional, mental and physical capabilities, then an Army Reserve Nursing Officer career may be the next move for you.

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