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Postgraduate Courses

Our Graduate Certificate courses prepare nurses for a rewarding career in the health and community services sector. We offer coursework programs that are academically challenging and professionally relevant, in an environment that encourages independent learning and interaction amongst peers, supported by tutors and nurse educators. The courses provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes directly suited to working in specialist areas of health care and are designed to meet contemporary industry needs.

Graduate Certificate qualifications awarded by ACN are of an equivalent standard to qualifications at other Australian higher education institutions, including universities. ACN’s courses may be recognised by universities, enabling advanced standing towards higher degrees, under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

ACN offers students flexible course commencement dates in January, April, July and October terms. Please contact our Customer Service Centre team for further information.

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Studying Cancer Nursing with ACN will provide you with the principles of cancer nursing in order to improve your knowledge and skills for the provision and coordination of evidenced based cancer care. The aim is to encourage professional and ethical understanding of clinical practice development...

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Contemporary Child and Family health nursing practice in Australia has been influenced by a global shift into early childhood knowledge, practice and theory. Research into fields such as epigenetics and early brain development along with the influences of significant relationships and the...

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Community and Primary Health Nursing is one of the most multifaceted area of specialty practice in the 21st Century. During Community and Primary Health week in 2016 ACN produced an e-book profiling nurses working in specialties ranging from aged care dementia, primary health care for the...

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Advances in technology and acuity of patient needs will have the most significant impact on nurses working in the critical care environment in the 21st century.