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Community and primary health care nurses work in a broad range of service delivery settings in metropolitan, rural and remote areas throughout Australia. These registered nurses, enrolled nurses and nurse practitioners have an expansive scope of practice and provide care across all levels of our health care system.

Here are just ten places where you might find community and primary health care nurses making a difference across the country…


  1. Behind prison walls


In correctional facilities across the country, nurses provide ongoing, high-quality care to some of society’s most difficult patients. Each and every day, these committed professionals go behind prison walls to attend to the physical and mental health needs of our incarcerated population.


  1. At your door step


Bringing high-quality care to your door step, many community nurses cross the threshold into our home lives through in-house health services. Whether it is management of chronic conditions or palliative care, these incredible nurses provide care in the comfort of your own home.


  1. On the streets


Hitting the streets and working in homeless outreach centres throughout the country, nurses provide much-needed care to Australians sleeping rough. These passionate nurses play a key role in restoring hope and dignity in the lives of people experiencing homelessness and poverty.


  1. In the classroom

Bringing their professional expertise from the ward to the playground, nurses provide essential health care services throughout all levels of our educational system. From health promotion to management of chronic conditions, school nurses help ensure that our up-and-coming generations have the greatest chance of positive health outcomes at the earliest instances in life.


  1. On the frontline


Throughout our armed forces, nurses offer high-quality health care to our service men and women during wartime and peace. In the army, air force and navy, these heroic nurses, dedicate their lives in honour of our profession and country.


  1. In detention


Many committed nurses work within detention centres and migrant health services proving culturally sensitive care to refugees and asylum seekers. These nurses practice in environments of considerable medical, cultural and social complexity, providing care to members of numerous ethnic and cultural groups.


  1. During your final moments


A source of solace during our final days, nurses can be found working in hospices and palliative care settings in every state and territory. These devoted health care professionals provide comfort, compassion and care during some of the most challenging moments of our lives.


  1. In Indigenous communities


Nurses work across numerous Indigenous health services dedicated to improving access, care and health outcomes for our nation’s first peoples. This special group of nursing professionals work tirelessly to close the gap on health inequalities for the Indigenous Australian population.


  1. At your GP’s office

    Often the first point of contact with our health care system, nurses are key members of multidisciplinary primary health care teams in general practice (GP). From diagnostic services to management of clinical care systems, nurses help meet local population health needs within the GP setting.


  1. In your workplace


Occupational health nurses ensure safe working environments and provide essential health care services to the Australian workforce. From advising employers on first aid requirements to carrying out health monitoring checks, these exceptional nurses work tirelessly to improve the health and safety in our workplaces.


Community and primary health care nurses make an invaluable contribution to our society. However, this is not well recognised by politicians and the general public.

Community and Primary Health Care Nursing Week is an annual ACN initiative aimed at raising awareness of this important area of nursing practice.

This year, Community and Primary Health Care Nursing Week was held from Monday 18 to Sunday 24 September.

As a part of this important campaign, ACN published an eBook filled with more than 40 stories that explored why community and primary health care nursing is vital to the health and wellbeing of our society. Celebrations were also held across the country and throughout the week in support of this campaign.

ACN would like to thank all those who contributed to Community and Primary Health Care Nursing Week this year. We also wish to acknowledge our Official Partner, Regal Home Health.


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