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RTO/Vocational Courses General Information

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ACN education

ACN is a registered higher education provider, and a registered training organisation (RTO) with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) - RTO number 91474.

The ACN RTO is a major provider of vocational and professional education for nurses across Australia.

We are excited to be able to offer nurses the opportunity to participate in nationally-accredited training that is specifically designed for nurses and others currently working in health and aged care via our RTO.

All students completing study from January 2015 are required to submit a Unique Student Identifier on enrolmentClick on the following links for more information at Youtube or on the Department of Education website.

Training and assessment – Nationally Recognised Training courses

Our RTO delivers nationally-accredited training courses. Our programs are currently under review. A listing of our courses and delivery dates will be available in early 2017.

Training and assessment – professional development courses

Our professional development courses provide opportunities for nurses to expand their individual scope of practice with courses such as Immunisation for RNs and NSW RMs and registered midwives the RN Principles of emergency care (RN PEC) and Principles of Emergency Care (PEC). ENs completing EN Principles of emergency care (EN PEC) will be able to articulate this course into the HLT61107 Advanced Diploma of Nursing (pre-requisites apply).

Training and assessment - reconnect courses

ACN offers an Entry to Practice for Internationally Qualified Nurses (EPIQ) and a Return to Register (RTR) program which is designed for nurses not currently working to gain registration in Australia. ACN also offers the ACN Refresher course, to support nurses reconnecting with the acute care clinical environment. 

Graduate Certificate courses and Single Units of Study

GC qualifications awarded by ACN are of an equivalent standard to a qualification at other Australian higher education institutions, including universities. ACN’s courses may be recognised by universities, enabling advanced standing towards higher degrees, under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Continuing professional development (CPD) program

ACN offers an extensive range of short courses that attract CPD hours. The CPD calendar is available on the website.

To request emails updating you on upcoming CPD courses, contact customerservices@acn.edu.au

Course information

Course delivery and attendance

ACN offers a flexible learning environment, with modes of delivery including DE, online, face-to-face and professional experience placements. ACN’s online learning platform, CNnect, can be accessed through the ACN website, under Education > Current students or directly at cnnect.acn.edu.au.

Students should confirm the dates and times for any face-to-face workshop sessions and professional experience placements with ACN prior to making any leave or travel arrangements.

Course duration 

This varies depending on the course. Please refer to course information for further details.


It is recommended that students study 12–15 hours per week. The actual amount of time will be determined by individual learning needs and the sequence of assessment items.

Course completion 

Students must obtain all required units/assessments for their course and pay any outstanding debts to be eligible to complete their course. Students are advised to contact Student Services for further advice or assistance with determining and confirming their eligibility for completion.

Student resources 

ACN requires its students to have a current email address and access to a computer and the Internet. ACN provides a range of computer and Internet access options, including a computer lab, informal learning spaces and meeting rooms.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer (CT)

Applications for RPL and CT must be made in writing on application to the course and must include supporting documentation. If you are considering applying for CT or RPL please access the Credit transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning Information/Application Package to determine your suitability. This package can be found on the ACN website and the completed form must be used at the time of application when seeking CT or RPL for ACN subjects or units of competency within ACN programs prior to course commencement.

Credit transfer & Recognition of Prior Learning Information/Application Package

RPL applications will incur a fee.

Student resources:

ACN requires its students to have a current email address and access to a computer and the Internet. ACN provides a range of computer and Internet access options, including a computer lab, informal learning spaces and meeting rooms.

Recommended minimum system requirements







500MHz Processor

Intel based processor

1280 X 1024 resolution display preferred (notebooks may operate on other resolutions)

1280 X 1024 display

Windows Vista or later operating system

OSX 10.5.x or later

CD/DVD drive

CD/DVD drive

Speakers (either inbuilt or external) and microphone (preferably external)

Speakers (either inbuilt or external) and microphone (preferably external)

Firefox or Chrome

Firefox or Chrome

Ability to save file in Microsoft Office format

Ability to save file in Microsoft Office format

Internet connection required, 512 kbit/s or better

Internet connection required, 512 kbit/s or better

Personal email address (not work email)

Personal email address (not work email)

CNnect IT support

ACN provides CNnect IT support for students (during business hours) to assist them to access and utilise CNnect.

On CNnect, you will find the Student Management Policy, resources, discussion forums, links to websites, study and assessment timetables and subject information and assessment books relevant to your course. Please see contact details on the CNnect website for CNnect IT support.

Study skills workshops

Students are encouraged to attend the writing and study skills workshops, conducted during February and July each year. The half-day workshops include valuable information on academic writing, referencing and assessments. Further details are available on the website, or by contacting Student Services at customerservices@acn.edu.au

Katie Zepps Library

As an ACN student, you also have access to the library.

Workshop/subject/course cancellation

ACN reserves the right to cancel a workshop/subject/course if there are insufficient enrolments. A full refund will be made of all fees paid. A decision to cancel a workshop/subject/course will be made ten working days prior to workshop/subject/course commencement.


Students receive their Academic Transcript free of charge on completion of all the requirements of their course. There is a charge for the issue of a replacement testamur and award certificates. Contact Student Services for details.

Library fines

Fines imposed by the library will result in the imposition of sanctions and may halt your progression within a course.

These sanctions remain until such time as proof is received that the debt has been paid.

If a sanction is imposed, a student is:

  • Not permitted to receive a result in any course or subject completed
  • Not permitted to enrol, re-enrol or vary enrolment in any course or subject completed
  • Not permitted to graduate from any course or receive a transcript or testamur

ACN policies and guidelines

The policies and guidelines of ACN have been written to provide guidance on the responsibilities of students to their studies. Students should read and be familiar with the policies and guidelines, especially the Student Management Policy, which can be found on the ACN website at www.acn.edu.au/policy and within the student learning portal (CNnect).

Student complaints and appeals

ACN is committed to providing a learning and working environment in which complaints are responded to promptly, with minimum distress and maximum protection to all parties. All students and staff have a responsibility to contribute to the achievement of a productive, safe and equitable study and work environment.

The Student Management Policy and Customer Service Policy which can both be found on the ACN website at www.acn.edu.au/policy, outline what a complaint or grievance is and contains information about how to make a complaint or appeal and the process associated with appeals.

Australian Students Tuition Assurance Scheme (ASTAS)

ACN maintain a tuition assurance scheme to safeguard students in the event of it becoming insolvent and are unable to return fees paid in advance. The tuition assurance scheme will source similar training to allow the affected participants to complete their studies without further financial burden. However if the student cannot be placed, the tuition assurance scheme will make refunds.

Eligibility criteria

General eligibility criteria

Admission to courses is based on academic merit and selection. In addition, applicants must satisfy any prerequisites or additional requirements specified for particular courses.

Eligibility criteria (nursing programs)

All applicants seeking admission to training and assessment courses (other than TAE) are required to:

  • Be currently registered as an enrolled or registered nurse, or NSW midwife with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA)
  • Be currently employed in an appropriate work setting to enhance course completion

All students need to be able to perform basic computer tasks. For further information go to
cnnect.acn.edu.au > Student information > CNnect for Students - How to Navigate and use CNnect > Online skill check


Enrolments for fee-paying students in training and assessment courses are made through Student Services. Application forms can be obtained online at www.acn.edu.au/rto.

How to apply

1. Seek course advice

If you would like advice on which course you should attend or whether you meet the selection criteria for a particular course, please refer to the course descriptions on the website at www.acn.edu.au or contact the Course Coordinator or Student Services at ACN on freecall 1800 265 534 (charges may apply) or 02 9745 7500.

2. Submit an application form

Available on the website at www.acn.edu.au/rto. Forward the completed form to ACN before the closing date (where vacancies exist, late enrolments may also be considered).

3. Await confirmation of enrolment letter

Following the closing date for a course, the Course Coordinator and the Course Selection Committee will review enrolments. Successful applicants will be sent a confirmation of enrolment letter detailing any outstanding payment, dates, venue and course requirements.

4. Accept your position

Your position must be accepted in writing. Students are required to return the signed and completed Acceptance of Position form to confirm their place (sent with confirmation of enrolment letter).

Students wishing to withdraw or defer after submitting an acceptance of position MUST notify ACN in writing before the census date.

Deferred enrolment

Students who have requested a deferral are sent a letter confirming the dates and course that they have deferred into.

Enrolment in subjects

Correct enrolment in courses is the responsibility of the student. Additions and deletions can be made to an enrolment by contacting Student Services before the Census Date. Failure to notify ACN of withdrawal from a course before the Census Date can result in subject failure and incurs financial liability.

Students should be aware that it is their responsibility to notify Student Services to ensure that:

  • Their personal details, postal address and contact telephone numbers are correct, and that ACN is informed of any changes as they occur
  • Their enrolment details are correct
  • They are registered into activities (online, CNnect, etc.)

Their course enrolment is consistent with the completion rules of the course. Further information is available from Student Services

Important dates

ACN is required to set a Census Date for each course it offers and this is set at two (2) weeks after the course commencement date. The Census Date is:

  • the date students become financially liable for any subjects/courses in which they are enrolled
  • the final day students can withdraw from a subject/course without financial liability (minus an administrative fee) and academic penalty
  • the final day ACN is allowed to accept upfront payments for fee paying students

Please note: applicants must check individual course information for specific key course dates.

For more additional information on course dates see the training and assessment course page on the website at www.acn.edu.au/rto

Fees and payments

The course fee covers learning materials provided online, educator/tutor support and assessment marking where applicable. The course fee includes an administration fee which is non-refundable.

Course fees do not cover the supply of recommended and prescribed texts, salary supplementation or travel/accommodation expenses for face-to-face components. Course fees may be tax deductible. Contact your tax advisor for further details.

Some courses have the option of paying in full or part payments; part payment prior to course commencement will incur higher fees. ACN Training and assessment course fees must be paid in full prior to course commencement. See the fee schedule below for payment options.

For further information regarding specific course costs, see below.

Failure to pay course fees by course commencement date will result in the cancellation of course enrolment.

All requests to withdraw from a course/subject must be made in writing to ACN.

All students will be required to pay a recommencement fee if their program of study is varied due to extenuating circumstances

Fee schedule

These prices are effective from 1 January 2016 and were correct at the time of printing; however, fees are subject to change without notice. Please enquire about course fees at the time of application. All fees are in Australian Dollars (AUD).



Immunisation for RNs and NSW midwives


Principles of Emergency Care for RNs


Principles of Emergency Care for ENs


Entry to Practice for Internationally Qualified Nurses (EPIQ) / Return to Register (RTR)


How to pay

Payment details can be submitted on a Course Application Form via Visa and MasterCard or by sending a cheque or money order. Payments such as EFTPOS and BPAY can be made in person at the Sydney office in Parramatta, or via telephone.

Students are reminded that fees are payable in advance and that all course fees must be paid in full prior to course commencement. Students supported through scholarship or alternative arrangements must submit these details on application.

Refund policy

Applicants are advised to familiarise themselves with the Cancellation and Refund Policy at

Withdrawal from a course or subject

Notification of a student’s intention to withdraw either before or after the commencement of a course/subject must be made in writing. Withdrawal by telephone or by implication is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Withdrawals prior to Census Date are subject to a non-refundable administrative fee as outlined in the fee schedule. If withdrawal occurs after Census Date there is no refund. See the Student Management Policy and the Cancellation and Refund Policy at www.acn.edu.au/policy

Recommencement fees

A fee will be charged when students defer a subject or a course. This fee covers the administration component of re-enrolling, producing materials and contacting your tutors and markers. Re-entry to courses and subjects will occur only after the ‘student to complete’ section of the confirmation of deferral letter has been returned and the re-entry fee paid.

Collection of unpaid fees

Students with outstanding fees who have received notification of the amount owing will be referred to the appropriate debt recovery agency for recovery action. Please note that students will be liable for recovery costs incurred.

Approval of facilities for assessment

An approved facility is one that has been assessed by ACN and approved to be able to provide clinical or workplace assessment experience relevant to specific course requirements.

Approved assessors for clinical and workplace assessment

An approved assessor is someone who possesses a TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or has completed the three units of competence related to ‘assessment’. They must attend an ACN assessor training program or equivalent prior to the assessment. For further information, please contact the Course Coordinator. 

Please note: Assessments conducted by a non-approved assessor are invalid.