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The ACN has been providing education to McGrath Breast Care Nurses since 2013.

The Graduate Certificate in Breast Care Nursing that we encourage our nurses to complete provides specialist knowledge that has a strong clinical foundation that builds on and leverages existing knowledge and skills and ultimately contributes to evidence based best-practice.

The course is also aligned with breast care nursing competency frameworks and nationally recognised educational frameworks, which is very reassuring. Course content spans the breadth of the breast cancer experience with a focus on multidisciplinary well-coordinated care. The embedding of leadership capabilities throughout each module allows our nurses to expand their skill base and develop competencies in for example, communication and team work- vital aspects of their roles. Feedback from our nurses has always been extremely positive in relation to course content, materials and support.

“I am proud to be a part of a large, well-respected organisation that advocates and cares for nursing. The ACN is progressive with all that is on offer to their members and provides a number of platforms for networking opportunities. Attendance at the Annual Nursing Forum is always on my bucket list.”

“As the peak professional body for Australian nurses, membership of the Australian College of Nursing provides me with access to CPD opportunities, networking, mentorship and access to high quality resources. The opportunities to interact with nurses both within my region and throughout Australia provide valuable networking opportunities and potential for collaborative partnerships.”

“I joined ACN as a student member in my first year of my nursing degree and can safely state it has been the best investment of my undergraduate years. Expanding my nursing horizon, seeing the bigger picture of the nursing profession, networking and inspiration will continue into my novice years.”

“I joined the Australian College of Nurses to help find a unified voice for Community and Primary Health Care (CPHC) Nurses across Australia. Over the past few years ACN has worked with the CPHC Nursing Community of Interest to create a position statement on our speciality; launch the Australian CPHC Nursing week; and currently is helping us to work with stakeholders on a career and educational framework. Together our voice is growing stronger.”

“I am very proud to be a Fellow of the Australian College of Nursing. I have been a Member since 2005 and it has given me the opportunity to network with like-minded nurses and have a voice within my profession.  Being a Member has also given me the confidence to lead others within healthcare.”

“Thirty seven years in the nursing profession and loving it! Central to my enthusiasm is being “meshworked” with colleagues who also have vision, passion, commitment and action – and there are thousands of us. The Australian College of Nursing is my “tribe” where I belong, am valued, informed and where I can contribute to supporting our profession to flourish.”

“As a third year nursing student I joined ACN primarily for the wide range of continuing education opportunities available. I have since been very impressed by the level of support, professionalism and encouragement offered by the organisation. I have been in healthcare in another profession for 16 years and nursing is a career change for me. In all that time I have never felt supported the way I have by ACN. I am thrilled to become a part of the nursing profession and I am so glad that I became an ACN member.”

“A non-judgmental collegial voice that can represent nurses and nursing to all sides of government and associated organisations. Being part of this organisation affords me a voice to position nursing for the future. It is also the peak organisation that I can contact for advice and information on professional questions. Through organised conferences and meetings, I can network with, mentor, or be mentored by, nurses who may not be within my geographical or professional sphere.“

Thank you so much. I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in this course and have learnt an enormous amount relevant to everyday nursing practice. This course has ignited a passion of learning; to deliver best nursing practice and be instrumental in quality patient outcomes.  I will definitely be looking to continue study in the not too distant future. Sincere thanks to you again for your consistent support and facilitation of my learning, you have been inspiring and a fantastic role model and I am grateful and appreciative.