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Thank you so much. I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in this course and have learnt an enormous amount relevant to everyday nursing practice. This course has ignited a passion of learning; to deliver best nursing practice and be instrumental in quality patient outcomes.  I will definitely be looking to continue study in the not too distant future. Sincere thanks to you again for your consistent support and facilitation of my learning, you have been inspiring and a fantastic role model and I am grateful and appreciative.

CNnect has taken some getting used too but I have yet to find the "perfect" computer program. During the course I have visited the College at Parramatta and found the library staff very supportive and helpful and above all very pleasant to deal with. On my visits I asked if it was possible to speak with my Tutor and she had no problems in spending some time with me. She actually took time out to come and see me in the library. Her passion for this subject was obvious.

After the final assessment I was with a new graduate nurse asking her to tell me about her patient. This patient was stable and I found myself asking her about the 'potential complications' the patient faced... and the words I had written in my essay came flooding back. I was very happy to link what I had learnt and written into practice. This unit helped me a lot to enhance my knowledge in relation to clinical setting.

Thank you Robyn, I am so proud of myself to achieve success given my extremely busy full time job, and the pressure that contributes to my week. I don't mean for that to sound over confident, just that even though I realise I could do better, I am so happy that I have given myself the opportunity to participate in post graduate study, find time to focus and submit reasonable work. Sincere thanks to you also for your quality input and support which has enabled me to do this course and enjoy it so much.

I really like NurseClick and appreciate the comprehensive coverage of current events. Well done, ACN!

I am a registered nurse of four years' experience, and I completed the graduate certificate in orthopaedic nursing at the ACN in 2015. My tutors, Robyn and Megan, were very helpful in supporting the students, sharing their knowledge via the online forums, and providing constructive feedback to assessment pieces. The content was presented in a way which was easy to follow and stimulated critical thinking. Ultimately, participation in this course has helped me develop both my competence and confidence in the area of orthopaedic nursing. The leadership themes throughout the subjects also translate easily into other areas of nursing, and I have seen a significant, positive transformation within my own role as a nurse leader.

What a pleasure it is to read a publication so thoughtfully developed and full of information that is based on evidence and with careful attention paid to legislation. Keep up this excellent work.

“This placement has been amazing learning journey. Reflecting back on where I started and where I finished I am really proud of my professional development. I have felt well supported by the College”

"My placement opened new learning opportunities. I am lucky to have worked with a good supportive team. I am grateful for the support the I’ve received from my preceptor."

“It has been an amazing experience. I started my clinical placement with only a few set goals. Looking back now I have achieved these and many more. Now I feel I am ready to practice independently as a registered nurse.”