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ACN's Archives - Proudly Preserving Nursing's Heritage

The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) Archive is the repository for the historical documents, both organisational records and donated material, of the organisation. The ACN Archive consists of three major archival collections:

1. The ACN collection, established in July 2012, is housed in Canberra. It is managed by The History Company on a contract basis. It uses Archive Manager as a catalogue and search tool. Access to this collection is by arrangement.

2. The Royal College of Nursing Australia (RCNA) collection is also housed in Canberra. The collection includes material from RCNA and its predecessor organisation The College of Nursing Australia. The collection uses the Recall system for storage and the TRIM system for cataloguing and searching. The History Company is currently working on cataloguing the collection into Archive Manager. Access to this collection is by arrangement.

3. The College of Nursing (TCoN) and its predecessor organisation The NSW College of Nursing collection is housed at both Canberra and Parramatta. This archive was formally established in 1985 from the material that had accumulated since the formation of the college in 1949. The original intent was to maintain a historical record of the college. This intent has been fulfilled and broadened by the volume of donated material. This includes donated personal collections consisting of individual, organisational and institutional items.

The archive networks with other health industry and professional organisations to promote access to the collection, enhance the value of the collection and to ensure best practice. For example: Australian Society of Archivists; Australian and New Zealand Society for the History of Medicine; Nursing History Research Unit University of Sydney; Australian Nursing History Project; Health and Medicine Museum Collections; Lucy Osburn Nightingale Foundation and Museum and Museums Australia Inc.

1. The ACN collection contains documents and records of the organisation.

2. The RCNA collection contains documents and records of the organisation. It also includes the Burbidge and Slater individual collections.

3. The TCoN collection includes separately catalogued material.


Held in Parramatta:

Individual collections:

• The Cornell, Curry, Doherty, Meppem, Parkes, Pratt and Rae collections.

Special collections:

• The registered and enrolled nurses’ badge, medals, certificate and award collections.

 Professional Nursing Organisational collections:

• NSW Bush Nursing Association, Nurses’ Christian Foundation (formerly ANCM)

Institutional collections:

•Marrickville Hospital Nursing Administration Records.

Opening hours:

Thursdays by appointment only

Telephone: 02 9745 7570

Freecall: 1800 265 534 (charges may apply)

Fax: 02 6282 3565



Held in Canberra:

Individual collections:

• The Schultz collections.

 Professional Nursing Organisational collections:

• Florence Nightingale Committee, NSW Branch;

• Patient Assessment Information Systems (PAIS) special interest group.

Institutional collections:

• RCNA NSW Committee/Chapter

By appointment only

Telephone 02 6283 3400

Freecall 1800 061 660 (charges may apply)

Fax 02 6282 3565



The archive collections may be used by students and researchers who seek information across a variety of areas relating to nurses, nursing and professional nursing and health related organisations. To assist you in your research, the Archives Manager software can be resourced across all collections.  Please phone 1800 265 534 to enquire.

Corporate Support Officer:

Karen Dansey

Archive Associates:

Emeritus Professor R Lynette Russell AO FACN

Pauline Bryon FACN

Lesley Potter MACN