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Graduate Certificates
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An ACN Graduate Certificate gets you a step closer to becoming an expert practitioner in your chosen clinical specialty, helping you work towards a higher-grade position.

Our Graduate Certificates

Why study a graduate certificate with ACN?

  • Our courses are written by specialist nurses for nurses
  • You will be supported by tutors and nurse educators
  • Study online, anywhere, anytime
  • FEE-HELP available
  • ACN students have access to Office 365 Education for free, throughout the duration of their course

Want to compare ACN with other Australian institutions?

ComparED provides prospective students with information about Australian higher education institutions based on the experiences of past students. To see how ACN compares with other Australian institutions, visit ComparED.

Short courses 2021

The Australian Government has allocated additional Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) to give additional options to students and the recently unemployed to undertake higher education, preparing our nation and workforce to move out of the economic downturn. It also enables Australians to retrain and upskill in priority areas such as health.

The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) is offering a selection of their graduate certificates at CSP rates under the Government scheme. These certificates will commence on 19 April and must complete in Term four (ending December 2021).  A graduate certificate is a full qualification at AQF level 8, but it can also provide a pathway to a Masters Degree in universities across Australia (subject to the entrance requirements of the university).

The number of available CSP places is limited and does not cover graduate certificates or subjects that involve clinical placements. If places are exhausted for available specialisations, or if alternative specialisations or clinical experience is desired, eligible students can still apply for these graduate certificates at the domestic tuition fee rate.

Not sure what course is right for you? Try a single unit of study

You also have the option of undertaking a 10-week single unit of study from our graduate certificate units. Gain deeper knowledge within your clinical speciality. ACN offers more than 60 single units to choose from.

Graduate attributes

ACN supports our students to become graduates who will:

  • Graduate certificate attribute 1
    Demonstrate enhanced professional, social and ethical understanding in a specialist area of practice.
  • Graduate certificate attribute 2
    Apply complex problem solving and information literacy skills to the development of evidence-based practice, research and policy reform.
  • Graduate certificate attribute 3
    Engage in behaviour that is culturally appropriate, safe and sensitive to the needs of people in their care.
  • Graduate certificate attribute 4
    Demonstrate an understanding of, and respect for, Australian Aboriginal values, culture and knowledge to build trust and improve health outcomes.
  • Graduate certificate attribute 5
    Combine advanced communication skills with an awareness of global health determinants to independently and collaboratively lead and educate others.
  • Graduate certificate attribute 6
    Reflect and think critically to be better able to care for self, improve health outcomes, and influence safe and effective professional practice.