NurseStrong banner
NurseStrong banner
The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) is leading the way to empower nurses around the country to achieve the health and wellbeing they deserve. Nurses dedicate their lives to caring for others and often neglect looking after themselves in the process. We know how difficult it is to find the time to exercise, meal prep or even just take a moment to breath when you are doing shift work or working weekends. That’s why we have created the NurseStrong movement to encourage nurses to improve their physical, mental and emotional strength in a safe and supportive environment.

NurseStrong care packages

The ACN NurseStrong movement was created 2 years ago to encourage nurses to improve their physical, mental and emotional strength in a safe and supportive environment with resounding success.

This year the Australian College of Nursing wanted to thank nurses for their passion and dedication during these challenging times and so we created the NurseStrong care packages for nurses all around Australia to know you are loved and what you do matters!! The care packages are lovingly curated with goodies that have been ethically purchased from bushfire affected areas and regional and rural Australia to help rebuild our communities following bushfires, floods and the pandemic. Along the way some businesses have generously joined us by donating and discounting merchandise which has meant we could send hundreds more packages.

We are so very grateful to be able to support small business and we are immensely humbled by the generosity of organisations who helped us. We want to share these incredible companies with you as part of our way of saying THANK YOU… we are forever grateful.



NurseStrong Daily Habits

Form new healthy habits

You don’t have to wait for a new year to set resolutions, you can do a health and well-being reset at any time and set new goals! We have developed the Daily Healthy Habits Poster to help you pick and stick to new goals by using the resource as a daily visual reminder. Display your Daily Healthy Habits Poster in your bathroom, on your fridge, at your workstation or wherever you are most likely to see it every day to help you stay on track.

NurseStrong inspographic

Brighten someone’s day

A small gesture can have a big impact on someone’s day! We have created a set of cheerful, inspirational messages that you can share with friends and colleagues via text message, social media, email etc.

Let’s start a kindness revolution, lift each other up and spread positivity!

Let a friend or colleague know that you are thinking of them by sending a NurseStrong Inspographic.

NurseStrong stress busters

Are you experiencing stress at work?

Now more than ever nurses are experiencing significant stress both in their professional and personal lives.

It’s essential that we do not neglect our own mental health and well-being and that we look out for each other.

We have created a poster displaying 60-second stress buster tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

We encourage you to print off the poster and display it at your workplace to help you and your colleagues stay happy and healthy.

Health and well-being Q&As

In a series of Q&As experts among our membership are sharing their knowledge and experiences to help others take control of their health and well-being. Check out the Q&A videos below to be inspired by their insights. Keep an eye out for future speaker announcements on our NurseStrong Facebook Group so you can submit questions for our next presenters.

Pay it forward!

Our Random Acts of Kindness NurseStrong campaign encourages participants to ‘pay it forward’ by surprising others with inspirational messages. The campaign is based on the notion that bringing joy to others’ lives will also reward participants with a sense of gratitude, compassion and happiness.

Click here to receive your electronic Random Acts of Kindness Cards. We encourage you to print off the file, cut out the cards and distribute them to friends, loved ones or strangers. For example, you can place a card on someone’s workstation or windscreen.

Connect with the #ACNNurseStrong tribe

Join the NurseStrong group on Facebook to connect with other nurses who are supporting each other on their health and well-being journeys. The group provides a safe and supportive environment for nurses to exchange exercise, nutrition and well-being tips and tricks and keep each other accountable.


NurseStrong initiatives

We are so excited to see nurses across the country forming exercise or walking groups and workplaces implementing healthy lifestyle initiatives to support the wellbeing of their staff. If you are involved in a NurseStrong initiative we’d love to find out more about it. You can get in touch with us by emailing