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ACN is proud to offer all members the opportunity to engage in Career Mentoring. Whether you are an up-and-coming nurse leader who wants to soak up career advice and guidance or an experienced nurse leader who wants to support the next generation of nurses, Career Mentoring is a valuable way to connect with your profession and progress your career.

Career Mentoring sessions are intended to be organic and personalised to participants’ unique needs and experiences. Topics may include:

  • career pathways
  • interview skills
  • resume writing
  • overcoming fears and limiting beliefs
  • setting career goals
  • dealing with conflict
  • time management
  • emotional resilience and self-care.

To find out more about the structure of Career Mentoring and rules of engagement please refer to our FAQs.

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If you’re not sure what to expect from Career Mentoring, check out what some of our past mentees have said about their experiences.