ACN Emerging Policy Leader Program
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Ready to shape the future of healthcare policy? Secure a scholarship today.

Pioneering nursing-specific health policy in Australia

The ACN Emerging Policy Leader Program is your gateway to becoming a dynamic leader in nursing health policy. We’re the first nursing-specific health policy initiative in Australia.

What awaits you?

Shape the future: If you’re passionate about influencing health policy and improving healthcare systems, this program is your opportunity to make a lasting impact.
Global reach: Nurses make up over half of the healthcare workforce worldwide. You have the potential to be an influential advocate for health policy, not just locally but on a national and global scale.
Expertise building: Our program equips you with the skills to use evidence-based research in health policy decisions, identify policy gaps, conduct systematic reviews, and develop policy recommendations. You’ll be the expert the healthcare world needs.
Be the voice: Learn how to engage in policy and advocacy to influence government and effectively contribute to public policy change.
ACN Emerging Policy Leader Program

Our Mission: ‘Shaping Health, Advancing Nursing’ — At ACN, we’re on a mission to nurture the next generation of nursing leaders by fostering policy skills. Our nurse leaders will, in turn, shape and influence health policy and the Australian healthcare system.

Invest in yourself: This program isn’t just a step forward; it’s a leap. Become a dynamic leader in health policy. Shape the future of healthcare, gain a global reach, and build expertise that the healthcare world needs. Be the influential advocate and expert that makes a lasting impact.

Ready to elevate your nursing career and make a lasting impact?

ACN and ACN Foundation – Paving the way to a brighter future

We’re on a mission to shape the future of nursing knowledge and evidence-based nursing practice, and we’re doing it through the groundbreaking Emerging Policy Leader Program.

Commit to success

Our program spans a dynamic 12 months of discovery, mentorship, and practical policy research skill development. It comes with the added support of a generous $10,000 grant from the ACN Foundation.

Ready to shape the future of nursing and elevate your own career along the way? Join us, and together, we’ll make waves in the world of nursing policy!

2024 scholarship recipients

Congratulations to our Emerging Policy Leader Program recipients for 2024.

Embark on a 12-month journey with senior policy leaders

Highly developed research and writing skills

Tailored for health policy and advocacy.

In-depth understanding of health policy

Gain insights from both national and international perspectives.

Effective communication skills

Learn how to advocate for nursing health policy, including political advocacy.

Collaboration opportunities

Work alongside ACN’s Fellows, Members, and other stakeholders.

Mentorship and guidance

Take your journey to the next level with support from experienced nursing health policy leaders.

Meet senior nursing leaders

Connect with senior nursing leaders and external health policy experts.

Your commitment as an emerging policy leader

This Program requires your dedication of at least 10 hours per week for one calendar year, commencing in March 2024. As an Emerging Policy Leader, you’ll actively participate in the program, which includes:

  1. Interactive learning: Dive into six interactive online modules covering policy development, research skills, and effective communication.
  2. Masterclasses: Join four Masterclasses delivered by internal and external policy experts, tackling current healthcare policy issues.
  3. Real-time policy projects: Get hands-on experience by contributing to ‘real-time’ policy projects.
  4. Signature events: Attend and actively participate in ACN’s annual signature events.
  5. Mentorship and support: Receive individual mentoring and support from ACN, ACN’s Fellows, and Members.
ACN Emerging Policy Leader Program

Achieve your goals with our program objectives

Embrace foundational policy skills

Demonstrate a solid grasp of health policy fundamentals.

Transform practice issues into policy questions

Craft policy questions that address real-world healthcare challenges.

Navigate various policy designs

Distinguish between different policy design approaches.

Uphold ethical and legal responsibilities

Interpret the ethical and legal aspects of being a healthcare policy leader.

Master the art of policy evidence

Become an expert in critiquing and synthesizing policy evidence.

Amplify your impact through publications

Share your insights with the world via impactful policy publications.

Apply now

The ACN Foundation is offering up to seven scholarships for registered nurses to participate in a new ACN Emerging Policy Leader Program.