Engagement structures
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Joining a Faculty will allow you to connect with like-minded members who share similar areas of practice and stay up-to-date with the latest news, research findings, best practice and major policy developments related to your professional interests.

You can sign up to join one or more Faculties on neo.


Our Regions facilitate discussions on regional/state issues related to health and nursing and provide local networking opportunities.

Upon joining the ACN tribe you are automatically allocated to a Region based on your postcode.

If you would like to switch your Region please contact our Membership team on 1800 061 660 or at membership@acn.edu.au.

States and Territories

ACN’s States and Territories create opportunities for member engagement within each State and Territory.

The Chair of each State and Territory is responsible for promoting ACN in their State or Territory, creating networking opportunities for Fellows and Members, representing ACN at external meetings and working with ACN to liaise with Ministers and other stakeholders.

States and Territories are underpinned by ACN’s Regions, which allow Fellows and Members to connect with others in their area.