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The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) is excited to launch our inaugural podcast during 2020 Year of the Nurse & Midwife. Throughout the year, Ben Jenkins MACN, a registered nurse and experienced podcaster, will interview nurses from a variety of backgrounds on topics relating to nurse practice and leadership.

What are podcasts and how do I listen to them?

A podcast is a series of audio shows. Think of it as your favourite re-occurring radio segment, except you can listen anywhere and anytime on a computer or mobile device. You can listen to The ACN Podcast with Ben Jenkins MACN by clicking the play button next to your favourite episode.

Meet Ben Jenkins MACN

You can learn more about Ben’s journey through the nursing profession and podcast background in our NurseClick article.

Episode 19: Interview with Dr Rosemarie Boland - NICU, PIPER, midwife & academic
Episode 18: Interview with Professor Mary Chiarella AM FACN - Moral obligation and the social contract
Episode 17: Interview with Professor Liz Halcomb FACN - Nursing in the Community Week
Episode 16: Interview with Matthew Jensen - From Brisbane to the United States: A critical care journey
Episode 15: Interview with Adjunct Professor Debra Thoms FACN (DLF) - Former ACN CEO, Commonwealth Chief Nursing Midwifery Officer, and the future (Part 2)
Episode 14: Interview with Adjunct Professor Debra Thoms FACN (DLF) - Early career & leadership journey (Part 1)
Episode 13: Interview with Emily Ragus - Flight nurse, disaster response & Winston Churchill Fellow
Episode 12: Interview with Professor Debra Jackson AO FACN - Research & leadership
Episode 11: Interview with Mark Aitken MACN - Nurse & Midwife Support: The 24/7 confidential & free health service
Episode 10: Interview with Helen Zahos MACN - Nurse, paramedic & aid worker
Episode 9: Interview with Dr Jamie Ranse FACN - Mass gatherings & disaster health
Episode 8: Interview with Bradley Chesham MACN - Innovation: VR & AR technologies
Episode 7: Interview with Wing Commander Sharon Bown MACN (Ret'd) - ANZAC Day 2020
Episode 6: Interview with Major Kylie Hasse MACN - Military nursing
Episode 5: Interview with Dr Helen Haines - From nursing to politics
Episode 4: Interview with Dr Jessica Stokes-Parish MACN - Simulation Australasia & use of moulage
Episode 3: Interview with Dr Patricia Davidson FACN - Dean of Nursing, Johns Hopkins University
Episode 2: Interview with Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward FACN
Episode 1: Welcome to the ACN Podcast