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Thought Leadership is your go-to resource for leadership in nursing. With short reflections to read, videos and podcasts to listen to and training courses both long and short to assist your leadership development, ACN is excited to offer all nurses across the country with a mix of free, discounted and paid training resources, available to access at any time. Leadership belongs to nurses of all ages, years of experience and job titles – dive in to ACN’s Thought Leadership and find out why, and more importantly what value it brings to you and the healthcare of Australians!

Discover your Leadership Style

Ethical Leadership

Imposter Syndrome – Are you affected by it?

Planning your career

Proofreading Professional Documents

Transition from Nursing Student to Registered Nurse, Enrolled Nurse and/or Midwife

Uncovering the vast talent of nurses

Introvert and extrovert leadership

A foundation for life that does make a difference

My Health Record eLearning module

Nursing matters: Our professional identity

My relationship with self and care

Who is to blame for the bullying epidemic?

Self-care and resilience – it’s about you, yes you!

What are five barriers that men face in the nursing workforce?

Improving healthcare outcomes – the business of caring for people

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