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ACN’s Institute of Leadership supports nurses at all career stages to extend their leadership skills and confidence.

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Emerging Policy Leader program

The ACN Emerging Policy Leader Program is your gateway to becoming a dynamic leader in nursing health policy. We’re the first nursing-specific health policy initiative in Australia.

ACN Emerging Policy Leader Program

Emerging Research Leader program

Are you a passionate nurse with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to make a difference? The Emerging Research Leader program is designed to empower nurses like you to embark on an exciting research journey.

ACN Emerging Research Leader Program

Emerging Nurse Leader program

The Emerging Nurse Leader Program supports current and future nurse leaders, from undergraduate nursing students to enrolled and registered nurses in their sixth year of nursing practice, to kickstart their leadership careers by providing access to mentoring, career coaching, professional development webinars and leadership workshops. Throughout the nine-month program participants receive the opportunity to network with high-profile nurse leaders and build their profiles within the profession by receiving invitations to exclusive ACN events and a complimentary registration to the National Nursing Forum.

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Nurse Unit Manager Leadership Program

The Nurse Unit Manager Leadership Program will develop those in, or those aspiring to nursing unit management roles with practical skills required to influence and manage self, others, resources, and operations for the benefit of staff, the community, and the recipients of care.

Nurse Unit Manager Leadership Program

Nurse Director Leadership Program

The Nurse Director Leadership Program develops nurses who have more than six years of professional experience and have worked in leadership roles within the health or aged care system. The program consists of a five-day face-to-face workshop, followed by six months of learning sets and coaching. The tangible modules prepare participants to lead health workplace cultures through innovation, redesign and change and to develop high-performing teams that have a culture of success and achievement.

Nurse Director Leadership Program

Nurse Executive Leadership Program

The Nurse Executive Leadership Program will develop those in, or those aspiring to, nurse executive roles to meet the capabilities of ACN’s Nurse Executive Capability Framework. The program supports nursing executives nationally to continue in the health and aged care industry as they navigate the current health care landscape and strengthen their knowledge and influence in their existing and future roles.

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The Leader’s Series

The Leader’s Series has been designed and inspired by the latest global research, theories and practice in leadership. This online modules specifically tailored to Nurse Leaders is designed to ignite leadership skills, provide practical modules of practice and hone leadership capabilities.

The Leader's Series

Let's talk leadership

ACN’s Let’s Talk Leadership series allows participants the opportunity to be inspired by well-known leaders from various professions and industries across Australia. Let’s Talk Leadership events are held in various formats and locations across the country.

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Nurse Executive Capability Framework

The social, political and economic challenges in health care make it critical that nurse leaders are equipped to respond to these ever-changing challenges, not only today but into the future. The role of nurse executives has evolved from a focus on nursing services to broader accountability for patient or client services across aged/residential care, hospital and community settings in public and private, not-for profit and non-government organisations. To this end, ACN has developed a Nurse Executive Capability Framework to guide the development of those in, or aspiring to, nurse executive roles. Currently within Australia there is no specific framework for nurse executives. ACN is thereby setting the standard nationally on the capabilities required.

The Nurse Executive Leadership Program supports participants to develop the capabilities outlined in the Nurse Executive Capability Framework.

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Five strategies to beat Imposter Syndrome

Discover practical ways to stop second-guessing your skills and abilities and start believing in yourself!

Imposter Syndrome Resource
Five Strategies to beat Imposter Syndrome

Thought leadership

With ACN’s Thought Leadership, nurses can access resources to boost their understanding of leadership and the value of it. Listen and Learn to leaders in the profession, Read and Reflect what other nurses experience and Do and Develop further study – short and long form. Come and visit our Thought Leadership offering – you’ll feel like a child in a candy store with the options available!

Other leadership courses

ACN offers a range of face-to-face, webinar and online CPD courses to assist you in achieving the hours required by the NMBA for annual renewal and authority to practice. ACN’s Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management provides a formal leadership qualification that will help you work towards becoming an expert practitioner and being selected for a higher-grade position. If you are not quite ready to commit to a full graduate certificate you can start by completing a single unit of study.

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Tailored leadership services

ACN recognises that no two organisations are the same and individuals’ learning needs are unique. As a result ACN offers tailored leadership services designed to meet your organisation’s specific leadership requirements, in a format and at a venue of your choice. Contact us today for more information.


Receive a leadership program, course or presentation that is specifically created to suit your unique leadership needs. An ACN leadership specialist will work with you to develop the style and key learning outcomes.

Relevance and quality

Highly qualified facilitators with proven experience and expertise in their field ensure participants receive the latest critical thinking on leadership.

Flexibility and convenience

ACN’s leadership services can be conducted in-house at your premises or at a venue that best suits your needs or can be developed as an electronic module.


ACN will develop an electronic flyer allowing you to effectively promote the program to your staff.