Why do we focus on leadership?

Leadership skills in any occupation drive change. But in the nursing profession, leadership skills are vital to patient care and advocacy, regardless of your title or position. Nurses with leadership skills are change makers.
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Institute of Leadership

ACN is proud to unveil the ACN Nursing Leadership Institute, a comprehensive structure which allows nurses in all stages of their careers to extend their leadership skills and confidence. The institute brings together the highly successful Emerging Nurse Leader Program (now accessible to RNs and ENs), the Mid-Career Nurse Leadership Program and adds the new Nurse Executive Capability Framework. Next year we will launch the Nurse Executive Leadership Program creating a clear pathway for all nurses to increase their leadership capabilities throughout our career trajectory.

Emerging Nurse Leader program

ACN’s prestigious Emerging Nurse Leader (ENL) program supports current and up-and-coming nurse leaders, from undergraduate students in their final year to Registered Nurses in their sixth year of practice, to develop the confidence, skills and connections to excel in their careers.

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Are you looking for the next step in your career?

The Mid-Career Nurse Leadership Program allows nurses to advance their careers, develop the confidence to lead change in a rapidly reforming environment and make a difference to their community.

Executive leadership

We are committed to enhancing health care by advancing nurse leadership. We believe all nurses are inherently leaders. Regardless of your job title or the number of years you have been nursing YOU can be a leader! ACN can help you enhance your skills and confidence through specialised leadership webinars.


Leadership online

Leadership is a dynamic concept – one of self-growth, one of learning and one of influencing others. Regardless of job title or years of experience, every nurse is a professional who practices leadership each day – improving process, furthering knowledge and advocating for patients.

With ACN’s Leadership Online, nurses can access resources to boost their understanding of leadership and the value of it. Listen and Learn to leaders in the profession, Read and Reflect what other nurses experience and Do and Develop further study – short and long form. Come and visit our Leadership Online offering – you’ll feel like a child in a candy store with the options available!

Leadership courses

Leadership skills in any occupation drive change. But in the nursing profession, leadership skills are vital to patient care and advocacy, regardless of your title or position. Are you ready to step up and stand out, taking your leadership skills to the next level?

ACN offers a range of short face-to-face, webinar and online CPD courses to assist you in achieving the hours required by the NMBA for annual renewal and authority to practice.

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Let's talk leadership

The Australian College of Nursing Institute of Leadership was launched in August 2019 and announced a leadership series with high profile leaders. We are delighted to introduce Ms Catherine McGregor AM as the first speaker in this exciting new series to highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Tailored leadership services

ACN recognises that no two organisations are the same and individuals’ learning needs are unique. As a result ACN offers tailored leadership services designed to meet your organisation’s specific leadership requirements, in a format and at a venue of your choice.


Receive a leadership program, course or presentation that is specifically created to suit your unique leadership needs. An ACN leadership specialist will work with you to develop the style and key learning outcomes.

Relevance and quality

Highly qualified facilitators with proven experience and expertise in their field ensure participants receive the latest critical thinking on leadership.

Flexibility and convenience

ACN’s leadership services can be conducted in-house at your premises or at a venue that best suits your needs or can be developed as an electronic module.


ACN will develop an electronic flyer allowing you to effectively promote the program to your staff.