Why do we focus on leadership?

Leadership skills in any occupation drive change. But in the nursing profession, leadership skills are vital to patient care and advocacy, regardless of your title or position. Nurses with leadership skills are change makers.

Why? Because nurses have an intimate knowledge of the political, economic and organisational barriers to excellent health care, and can inspire and motivate others to maintain and improve patient outcomes. Leadership skills play a critical role in maintaining the productivity and cost-effectiveness of nursing and midwifery services, aged care services and health services as a whole.

Emerging Nurse Leader program

ACN’s prestigious Emerging Nurse Leader (ENL) program supports current and up-and-coming nurse leaders, from undergraduate students in their final year to Registered Nurses in their sixth year of practice, to develop the confidence, skills and connections to excel in their careers.

Lead inspired change

If you're a nurse, you're a leader!

We are committed to enhancing health care by advancing nurse leadership. We believe all nurses are inherently leaders. Regardless of your job title or the number of years you have been nursing YOU can be a leader! ACN can help you enhance your leadership skills and confidence through specialised leadership face-to-face training programs that are customised to suit different career stages.