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Health care providers are at the forefront in protecting the community’s health and well-being. Immunisation as a national public health strategy continues to be a cost-effective means in reducing the mortality and morbidity rates related to vaccine-preventable diseases in Australia.

After a recognised immunisation course such as our 347 National Immunisation Program for Healthcare Practitioners course or the 346 Immunisation for Registered Nurses unit has been completed annual updates are required. Each State and Territory governs the authority to practice as an immuniser and in what circumstances. Please check with your State/Territory health department if you are unsure if you currently meet the requirements for an immuniser.

These updates are also available for any healthcare professional who are not certified immunisers but where immunisation is relative to their scope of practice.

347 National Immunisation Program for Healthcare Practitioners

347 National Immunisation Program for Healthcare Practitioners

The Australian College of Nursing’s (ACN) 347 National Immunisation Program for Healthcare Practitioners course is based on the National Immunisation Education Framework for Health Professionals (2017) and has been accredited by the ANMAC subsidiary Health Education Services Australia (HESA) to deliver this course. HESA is the National body for health education accreditation and ACN is the first institution to have its Immunisation course accredited.

346 Immunisation for Registered Nurses

346 Immunisation for Registered Nurses


This unit of study can be taken by RNs as part of a relevant Graduate Certificate course or as a stand alone single unit of study. The unit examines the physiology of the immune system and how vaccines work to protect the community from vaccine-preventable diseases. Legal and ethical considerations are discussed in an Australian context with application to clinical practice. A Global and National immunisation perspective is reviewed with a focus on immunisation coverage and disease rates.

Tuberculosis Management

357 Tuberculosis management (TST/BCG)

The Tuberculosis Management course is designed for registered nurses who are required to perform Tuberculin Skin Tests (TST) and Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccinations as part of their roles. The purpose of the course is to provide you with a theoretical framework that you can use in your clinical practice when you administer, read, interpret and document TST and BCG vaccinations.

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Online CPD

Influenza vaccination 2022

Immunisation CPD

ACN offers immunisation specific CPD in the form of updates addressing contemporary topics, updates and specialty topics of interest. New options are added throughout the year and may include live webinar sessions and/or self-paced interactive modules.


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