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Start your leadership journey with the Nurse Unit Manager Leadership Program

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About the Nurse Unit Manager Leadership Program

The Nurse Unit Manager Leadership Program will develop those in, or those aspiring to nursing unit management roles with practical skills required to influence and manage self, others, resources, and operations for the benefit of staff, the community, and the recipients of care.

We know that moving from the frontline and feeling part of the team to a management role often leads to feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, and isolation. For these reasons, this program will prepare you for the journey and the subsequent managerial role of leading a unit that contributes to the organisation’s mission, goals, health outcome excellence, financial viability, and healthy environment.

The program not only provides the theory to underpin the management skills and requirements but will use real-life case studies and examples presented by senior nurse leaders. Case studies and examples will be discussed, and solutions presented in an interactive, supported and safe environment.

For more information, including program objectives, outcomes and selection criteria, please refer to the program flyer.

Nursing Unit Manager Leadership Program

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Nursing Unit Manager Leadership Program

Program objectives

On successful completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Contrast available strategies to transition from a clinician to a manager
  • Analyse the impact of organisational structures and processes on managing staff in a clinical environment
  • Develop authentic leader qualities reflective of expected professional, organisational, and individual values
  • Demonstrate positive interprofessional collegiality in workplace interactions
  • Articulate the impact of effective resource management on improved health outcomes
  • Determine organisational, regulatory, and legislative approaches to promoting a safe environment for staff and recipients of care.

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Ten tips for transitioning from clinical nursing to management

More information

All applicants seeking to participate in this program are required to meet the following selection criteria:

  • Be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA).
  • Have a minimum of three years postgraduate experience.
  • Hold a Nursing Unit Manager role or aspire to become a Nursing Unit Manager.
  • Be able to identify an area for development that will be addressed by this scholarship and how you will apply the learnings in your practice.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities in nursing and/or the health or aged care systems.
  • Be available to attend the five-day face-to-face masterclass.

A selection committee will assess applications and make their decision based on the information provided in the submission materials only.

What do I need to complete the program?

Successful completion of this program is determined by the participants attendance and active participation in a 5-day face-to-face Masterclass.

What do I gain from completing this program?

In addition to the program outcomes, the participant will be recognised as completing the Nurse Unit Manager Leadership Program delivered by some of the most senior nursing and health care leaders in Australia. They will receive 36 hours towards their CPD requirements and on formal notification of completion will be able to hold the post-nominal GACN.

This course is valued at $5,500.

Currently, ACN is extending two special offers for our members and Affiliate* organisations:

  • ACN members: gifted a 10% discount, bringing the course fee to $4,950
  • ACN Affiliates (*Platinum, Gold and Silver): gifted a 10% discount, bringing the course fee to $4,950.
  • Non-members: $5,500

The enrolment fee does not cover travel and accommodation costs associated with attendance at the five-day face-to-face Masterclass for the program.

Scholarship placements available

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The Nurse Unit Manager Leadership Program will take place on the following dates:

  • 16-20 September in Melbourne

You can apply now to secure your place on the program or subscribe to program updates to be notified as soon as more information becomes available.

Nursing Unit Manager Leadership Program