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The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) is strongly dedicated to addressing the shortage of males in the nursing profession and promoting the benefits a nursing career can offer men. Our Men in Nursing eBook presents a powerful collection of the stories of 28 males who outline their experiences as nurses. We thank all the contributors for courageously telling their stories with such raw honesty and conviction.


Guiding Principles

The Men in Nursing Guiding Principles outlines ACN’s commitment to promoting nursing as an appealing career for men to pursue, to attracting and retaining men into the profession, and to breaking down broader socio-cultural barriers around gender roles and expectations.

These Guiding Principles are close to our hearts. ACN believes all nurses are leaders; with the power to advocate for diversity and inclusion in our workplaces and communities. ACN supports nurses across Australia to excel in their profession regardless of how they choose to identify, their gender, sexual orientation or cultural background.

The personal stories

Men from a wide variety of roles shared their experiences in the nursing profession in videos created at the 2019 Australian College of Nursing National Nursing Forum in Hobart. Each story is a unique, passionate and raw description of being a man in nursing.

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