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Whether you are an undergraduate student or an experienced nursing superstar, ACN is here to support you and help you stay informed, connected and inspired. Become a part of our tribe to connect with like-minded nurses, access a huge number of benefits, build your profile and be the best nurse you can be!

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Study your passion

ACN offers flexible online education designed for nurses by nurses with a strong clinical focus and evidence based practice. Whether you’re an RN or an EN, looking to take your career in a new direction and specialise, or just tick off some CPD hours, we’ve got your learning needs covered!

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Our mission is to enhance health care by advancing nurse leadership. We believe all nurses are inherently leaders.
Regardless of your job title or the number of years you have been nursing YOU are a leader! ACN can help you enhance your leadership skills and confidence through specialised leadership webinars and face-to-face training.

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We are powerful individually – together we’re unstoppable! ACN brings together thousands of extraordinary nurses from across the country to build a strong, collective voice for nursing. ACN commands the respect and recognition our profession deserves, ensuring the expertise and experiences of nurses are represented in policy development throughout the Australian health system.

ACN develops, supports, represents and educates nurses

ACN is the pre-eminent professional nursing membership organisation in Australia, open to nurses in all settings and at every stage of their career. In addition to being the Australian member for the International Council of Nurses, ACN is also an authorised higher education provider and registered training organisation and specialises in online postgraduate, professional development and training courses for registered and enrolled nurses.


We can assist you to showcase your organisation, products and services to nurses; demonstrate your leadership in corporate social responsibility; increase brand equity and credibility; build brand and business loyalty; increase sales and market share; and generate positive media and PR coverage, with positive brand positioning to key audiences.

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Offering a range of platforms for you to engage with the nursing market.

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Providing tailored opportunities to get involved at specialist nursing events.

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Corporate partnerships

Align your organisation with the leading voice of the Australian nursing profession.

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Enhance the credentials of your course, workshop, seminar or conference.

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