COVID-19 Nurses Support Strategy

This strategy addresses the professional issues nurses are facing across the system – for our members and non-members. It focuses on information, upskilling, advocacy, support for nurses, health system reforms for professional practice and community awareness.


We’re here for nurses

Our mission is to ensure Australian nurses have access to educational, research, advocacy and leadership opportunities that will keep them highly skilled and at the cutting edge of health care delivery. We are here to support nurses by acknowledging a nurse’s education is an integral part of their lifelong learning.

We support Australian nurses and the profession in achieving the highest level of nursing excellence through the raising of funds from corporations, individuals and private Trusts and Foundations. We’re here for nurses.

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Institute of Leadership

ACN supports nurses to be fully equipped for the challenges and expectations they face in today’s health care environment. No matter where you are at in your career, we are always here for you – every step of the way.

ACN’s Institute of Leadership offers a range of leadership development opportunities, from CPD short courses to formal leadership programs and graduate certificates, to allow nurses to boost their leadership skills and progress their careers.

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