If you’re keen to improve your lifestyle choices and achieve certain fitness goals, but find yourself feeling unmotivated – you are not alone.  ACN’s NurseStrong campaign is all about supporting our nurse colleagues to take care of our health. We know sometimes the going is tough, and a little extra encouragement is in order. So, to help get you moving, we asked helpful ACN staff members: How do you motivate yourself to exercise and make healthy choices?


Think about how much better you’ll feel once you finish exercising. I don’t necessarily like it while I’m actually doing it, but then I remember that I always feel better afterwards.

~ Emma


I make plans with a friend. I go to the gym every morning now, because I have organised to go with a friend. I’ve made that commitment with her so I won’t let her down – even when it’s cold and rainy outside and I don’t want to leave the house, I do it.

~ Janet


Try to project into the future – if I start now, I will see the rewards.

Setting aside time is so important. I make sure I schedule exercise into the week.

~ Nina


No matter how tired I am, I get outside and walk. Don’t worry about doing lots of exercise, just know you’ll feel better with the fresh air. Even if it’s dark, grab a friend and walk in a lit-up area. Often, after the walk, I’ll feel better and more like doing other exercise too.

~ Lorna


Get a dog! That way, I am forced to walk them every day and establish a routine.

~ Emily


I incorporate exercise into my daily routine. I get up and exercise, just like I clean my teeth. That way, exercise is not something I think about or question whether its an option.

~ Sophia


I walk the travellator. I always take the stairs, no matter what. Take the opportunities that incidental exercise provides.

~ Karen


Keep it fun. I bought myself a hoola hoop and a skipping rope and I love using them when I have a spare 10 minutes or so. Because its fun, it doesn’t feel like a chore.

~ Jess


I take photos for comparisons and also take my measurements. Even though there may be no weight change, I can often see positive changes in my photos or notice my measurements change. That keeps me feeling like what I am doing is working, so I keep going.

~ Bec


Re-look at your goals. Write down how good you feel afterwards, after the release of endorphins.

~ Helen


I make it an activity I will enjoy, that will relieve stress and I look forward to. Exercising is a nice part of my day – walking through our neighbourhood with my wife and kid.

~ Jason


I hang up a dress that I want to fit into for a special occasion – put it in a prominent place so you can see it every day.

~ Vicky


I don’t let a few hiccups or unhealthy choices stop me. For example, if I’ve been sick, I’ll avoid heavy exercise and be gentle on myself, but I’ll still try to balance it out with healthy foods. Just because one thing slips, doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. Recommit, do what you can and get back into it when you’re able to!

~ Olivia


Incorporate exercise into every day. I catch the bus to work so that I need to walk a little way in and it is part of my routine.

~ Nicole


I remember that I’ve paid for my pilates class in advance, so I feel obligated to go!

~ Kaz


Write down your goals. Then write down the steps you need to take to reach them. Go back and look at these when you need motivation.

It’s a state of mind – tell yourself you can do it!

~ Bel


Did these ideas connect with you? How do you find motivation to keep going with your health and fitness journey? Let us know in the comments. And good luck!


For extra support to get moving, eat healthy and take care of your fitness as a nurse, join our NurseStrong private group on Facebook.

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