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About postnominals

The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) postnominals are exclusively available to Members, Fellows, and Graduates of the Institute of Leadership and ACN’s Higher Education programs. Postnominals are letters placed after names to demonstrate their commitment to the profession through membership status, education qualifications and honours.

List of approved ACN postnominals

PostnominalCourse/CategoryTypeOversightMembership status required
2FACN(DLF)Distinguished Life FellowMembershipGaSCYes
3FACN(Hon)Honorary FellowMembershipGaSCYes
4MACNGeneral MemberMembershipGaSCYes
5MACN(Assoc)Associate MemberMembershipGaSCYes
6MACN(Student)Undergraduate Member and Pre-registrants MembershipGaSCYes
7GACNNurse Director Leadership program

Nurse Executive Leadership program
Institute of LeadershipGaSCOptional
8GradCertAcuteCareNsgGraduate Certificate – Acute Care NursingHigher EdACOptional
9GradCertAgedCareNsgGraduate Certificate – Aged Care NursingHigher EdACOptional
10GradCertBreastCancerNsgGraduate Certificate – Breast Cancer NursingHigher EdACOptional
11GradCertCancerNsgGraduate Certificate – Cancer NursingHigher EdACOptional
12GradCertCh&FamHlthNsgGraduate Certificate – Child and Family Health NursingHigher EdACOptional
13GradCertComm&PrimHlthCareNsgGraduate Certificate – Community and Primary Health Care NursingHigher EdACOptional
14GradCertCosmeticNsgGraduate Certificate – Cosmetic NursingHigher EdACOptional
15GradCertCritCareNsgGraduate Certificate – Critical Care NursingHigher EdACOptional
16GradCertDermNsgGraduate Certificate – Dermatology NursingHigher EdACOptional
17GradCertDiag&InterventRadNsgGraduate Certificate – Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology NursingHigher EdACOptional
18GradCertDigHealthGraduate Certificate – Digital Health Higher EdACOptional
19GradCertDrug&AlcNsgGraduate Certificate – Drug and Alcohol NursingHigher EdACOptional
20GradCertLead&MgtGraduate Certificate – Leadership and ManagementHigher EdACOptional
21GradCertNeonatalCareGraduate Certificate – Neonatal CareHigher EdACOptional
22GradCertNsg(BAR)Graduate Certificate – Nursing (Bridging & Re-entry)Higher EdACOptional
23GradCertOrthoNsgGraduate Certificate – Orthopaedic NursingHigher EdACOptional
24GradCertPaedNsgStdGraduate Certificate – Paediatric NursingHigher EdACOptional
25GradCertPallCareGraduate Certificate – Palliative CareHigher EdACOptional
26GradCertPeriopNsgGraduate Certificate – Perioperative NursingHigher EdACOptional
27GradCertStomalTherapyNsgGraduate Certificate – Stomal Therapy NursingHigher EdACOptional

Governing policy

These are guidelines for using postnominals and should be read in conjunction with the ACN Membership By-Laws.

The ACN Board approved the ACN postnominals on the advice and recommendation of the Governance and Scholarships Committee (GaSC) and Academic Council (AC) for Higher Education programs.

The use of postnominals provides a signature that identifies holders as nursing professionals with a genuine commitment to their careers and professional development. In addition, by using the ACN postnominals, you will benefit from:

  1. Indication of your commitment, credentials, competence and credibility as a part of a respected nursing professional body;
  2. National recognition and association with the ACN tribe, a community of informed nurse leaders who are committed to the intent of ‘Shaping Health, Advancing Nursing’ to enhance the health care of all Australians;
  3. Enhancement of employability as they show potential employers, peers and network that they are working with someone with the relevant professional status and experience;
  4. Demonstration of your commitment to professional standards, best practice, integrity and Code of Ethics;
  5. Demonstration of your commitment to continuous professional development and lifelong learning which is essential to the delivery of safe and effective health care; and
  6. Establishment of links and networking opportunities with other ACN Members, Fellows and Graduates.

ACN postnominals are available for the following:

  1. Current financial members, i.e., those who are up-to-date with their membership payment
    1.1. General Member – MACN
    1.2. Student Member and pre-registrants – MACN(Student)
    1.3. Associate Member – MACN(Assoc)
  2. Current financial Fellows – FACN
  3. Distinguished Life Fellows – FACN(DLF)
  4. Honorary Fellows – FACN(Hon)
  5. Graduates of the Mid-Career Nurse Leadership and/or the Nurse Executive Leadership program, facilitated by the Institute of Leadership:
    5.1. Current financial members who have graduated from either of these programs only need to use GACN postnominal.
    5.2. Current financial Fellows and DLFs who have graduated from either of these programs only need to use their FACN postnominals.
    5.3. Non-members who have graduated from either of these programs can use GACN postnominal.
  6. Graduates of the ACN Higher Education programs

Eligible holders are encouraged to display the ACN postnominals as it provides recognition of their commitment to continued professional development and commitment to the nursing profession. Postnominals should be listed after your full name in the following order:

  1. National honours, such as the Order of Australia, i.e., AO, AM, AC
  2. Academic and education qualifications:
    • From the lowest to the highest level
    • From the oldest qualification to the most recent one for same-level degrees
    • Followed by the university as the awarding institution if available
  3. Fellowships, then followed by memberships of professional bodies

The use of postnominals is encouraged when appropriate to highlight your professional recognitions , achievements and qualification. The ACN postnominals can be used directly after your full name on items such as:

  1. Email signatures
  2. Business cards and letterheads
  3. Professional profiles, i.e. LinkedIn, website
  4. Resumes
  1. While they remain financial, a Fellow or Member can refer to themselves as a ‘Fellow/Member of the Australian College of Nursing’ and use the postnominal FACN/MACN in accordance with the guidelines for the use of postnominals.
  2. The ACN postnominals can only be used by financial Fellows and Members, and Graduates of the ACN Higher Education programs and Institute of Leadership programs in accordance with these guidelines.
    1. Those whose membership has lapsed or who have resigned their membership are not entitled to use the MACN or FACN postnominals after their names.
    2. Non-members who have graduated from the ACN Education programs can use the approved postnominals relevant to their programs.
    3. Non-members who have graduated from the Institute of Leadership programs can use the GACN postnominal.
  3. ACN postnominal holders must always act professionally and respectfully, not act in a manner prejudicial to the interests of ACN and adhere to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, Code of conduct for nurses, and, if appropriate, the Code of conduct for midwives.
  4. The use of membership and Institute of Leadership postnominals is a privilege. They may be reviewed by the Australian College of Nursing if a holder is found to be in breach of the Code of conduct and any other rules or regulations that members are required to adhere to.