Parliamentary Friends of Nursing
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In 2022, the Parliamentary Friends of Nursing group was re-established, which is the forum for parliamentarians to directly engage with the nursing profession throughout the 47th parliament.

The following three Members of Parliament accepted the role of co-convenors for the group:

It is intended that this group will provide a non-partisan forum for parliamentarians to meet to discuss a range of issues facing the nursing profession and how the nursing profession can provide solutions to the issues facing Australia’s health system.

Strategic importance of “Parliamentary Friends of” groups

These multi-partisan groups enable organisations to advocate directly to influential government and opposition members of parliament. They also enable an organisation to promote the work they are doing and to strengthen brand awareness across the parliament and the media. These groups are open to all Senators and Members of Parliament.

The objectives of Parliamentary Friends of Nursing

The objectives of Parliamentary Friends of Nursing is to increase awareness of a range of issues facing the nursing profession, including but not limited to:

  • The role of nurses in supporting positive health and social outcomes.
  • The workforce and occupational safety issues facing nurses in Australia.
  • The need for nurses to be able to work to their full scope of practice.
  • The requirement to support further education for emerging nurse leaders.
  • Gender equity issues that directly and indirectly affect nurses.